Drive the sex lingerie and make cool novels

Drive the sex lingerie and make cool novels

Brand choice

Choosing a brand is the primary problem to buy sexy underwear.When choosing, you must pay attention to the brand’s credibility and market response.Good brands usually have certain after -sales service and quality assurance, and bad brands will bring you some unnecessary trouble.When choosing, it is recommended to choose some brands with a good reputation and mature operation model.

Style choice

There are many different styles and designs in sex underwear, and each person’s preferences are different.When choosing, you should choose a style that suits you with your own personality and preferences.If you are not sure what style you like, you can refer to some pictures on some fashion magazines or online shopping sites.

Selection of size

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Size is a problem to pay special attention when buying sexy underwear.There may be differences in the size of different brands, so it is recommended to understand your own size first and make decisions in purchasing.If the size is selected in unsuitable sexy underwear, it will cause uncomfortable or beautiful wear.

Material selection

The choice of sexy lingerie materials is very important.Some materials may cause allergic reactions with sensitive skin, so the choice of material should choose the skin that is skin -friendly and breathable as much as possible.In addition, because of the nature of erotic underwear, it is recommended to use materials that are easy to clean.

Color choice

Color plays a very important role in sexy underwear, because color can strongly affect people’s emotions and psychological state.When selecting a sexy underwear, you should choose a style suitable for your skin color.If you are worried that you choose improperly, you can choose more neutral colors, such as black, white, etc.


The matching skills of sexy underwear are also very important.Pay attention to color matching, material matching and style matching.Different styles, colors and material sexy underwear allows you to have different charm and style.When the matching is not at the time, it may make people look not beautiful enough, so it is recommended to match it carefully.

Selection of the occasion

The situation of sexy underwear is also very important.Different scenes of sexy underwear are needed, and you should choose according to the occasion when wearing sexy underwear.If you are worn at home, you can choose a comfortable and sexy style; if you are a formal occasion such as a banquet, you need to choose a higher texture and more complicated design.

Fetish Wear


When buying sexy underwear, you should choose according to your body characteristics.Different body characteristics need to choose different styles to present their own beauty.For example, if you have a plump chest, you can choose a style with stronger support and more flexible fabrics to make your chest look straight.

Personal choice

The choice of sexy underwear also takes into account the personality characteristics of people.If you are a person with unrestrained personality and freely free, you can choose some stylish and bold sexy underwear; if you are a literary youth, you can choose some styles that are more complicated and pay attention to details.Interest underwear allows you to better express your personality.

in conclusion

The choice of sexy underwear needs to be comprehensively considered according to the brand, style, size, material, color, matching, occasion, body shape and personality aspects. Only by better understanding these factors can I choose to show their sexy underwear and make them truly reallyImprove your charm and sexy.