Fun underwear drawing tutorial picture video

Fun underwear drawing tutorial picture video

Now more and more people like to make clothes by themselves, and sexy underwear is no exception.However, for most people, how to start making sexy underwear may be very difficult.In this article, we will provide you with some basic sexy lingerie tutorials, and provide you with some useful pictures and videos for reference and learning.

Choose the right material

Before making sexy underwear, you need to choose the right fabric and accessories.For example, you can choose knitted fabrics, elastic fabrics, lace, leather or cotton fabrics, depending on your favorite style.In addition, you also need to buy some accessories such as shaping, bone lines, elastic bands, buttons and zippers.

Measure the body size

Before making sexy underwear, you need to measure your body size accurately.This will ensure that your finished product is very suitable for your body, making you feel comfortable.The size you need to measure includes bust, lower bust, waist, hip, and height.

Make sexy lingerie sketches

Before starting to make sexy underwear, you need to draw a sketch to pre -determined the style and design of the underwear.You can use paper and pens to draw different designs, or use computer software to create digital versions.

Cutting and suture fabric

Once you determine the design and fabric, you can start cutting and suture fabrics.Make sure you use sharp scissors to ensure that you cut out accurate size.When sutured fabrics, you can use traditional sewing machines or hands, depending on your skills and personal preferences.

Adding accessories

When you complete the cutting and suture of the underwear, you can start adding accessories.This includes shaping, bone lines, elastic bands, buttons, and zippers.Be careful not to sew these accessories in the wrong place, which will affect the overall appearance and quality of the underwear.

Adjust and try on

After the production is completed, you need to make some fine -tuning and trial penetration.It may be necessary to add or reduce some fabrics on the underwear so that the underwear is completely suitable for your body.If you are not familiar with adjusting your skills, seek help from professionals.

Integrated unique design

Once you complete the production and adjustment, you can consider adding some unique design to personalized underwear.You can add some embroidery or other decorations to get rid of the traditional and ordinary styles and make your underwear more attractive.

Find a sexy underwear suitable for your style

Making your own sexy underwear can be very exciting, but if you don’t have enough time and skills, or you just want to try new design styles, then you can find hundreds of different sexy underwear in the market for you to choose from.It takes time and patience to find a sexy underwear suitable for your style, but it will be very worthwhile to find a design and material for you.