Girlfriend wearing a sexy underwear self -description

my story

I am a sexy underwear enthusiast, and I have a variety of sexy underwear and beautiful sexy underwear in my wardrobe. These underwear make me feel confident and sexy.Recently, my girlfriend has also started trying to wear sexy underwear, and she brought me a lot of surprises and fun.

Start trying

At the beginning, my girlfriend felt a little shy and uncomfortable about sexy underwear. She thought that only professional models or sex workers would we wear such clothes.

Understand and accept

As my girlfriend, I understand her worry and anxiety.I told her that wearing sexy underwear is a self -confidence manifestation, which makes women’s body more beautiful and sexy.I told her that wearing sexy underwear is not to meet the needs of men, but to make herself happier and confident.

Choose the right sexy underwear

In order to stimulate her interest, I took her to shopping together and chose a sexy underwear suitable for her together.I suggest that she choose some simple, bold and easy -to -match styles to make her more easy to accept this way of dressing.

Change and surprise

After trying to wear sexy underwear, my girlfriend’s attitude began to change.She felt more confident, and she began to communicate more happily.In our relationship, erotic underwear has become a new way, making us closer, romantic, and full of surprises.

Create a perfect curve

Unlike ordinary underwear, sexy underwear focuses on shaping and creating women’s perfect curves.My girlfriend’s figure is very good, but after wearing a sexy underwear, it becomes more energetic and sexy.

Choose different styles

Interest underwear has a variety of styles and styles, which can meet the needs of different women.Some women like sneer lace, while some women prefer simple designs.My girlfriend also found a variety of styles I like.

About size and comfort

Choosing the right size is essential for comfort.If the size is too large or too small, it will not only affect the appearance, but also affect the feeling of wearing.When choosing a sexy underwear, choose your own size and choose soft, breathable and comfortable fabrics as much as possible.

Express self

Wearing erotic underwear is not only a way of dressing, but also a way to express self, sexy and charm.Each woman has her own personality and characteristics. Choosing a sexy underwear that suits you is also a way to express herself and personality.

in conclusion

Interest underwear can not only increase women’s sexy and self -confidence, but also bring freshness and surprises to the relationship between husband and wife.The key is to understand and accept this way of dressing, and try to choose the style and style that suits you, to create your own unique charm.