Is it suitable for friends to get married and send sex underwear?

Is it suitable for friends to get married and send sex underwear?

Friends get married, is this gift suitable?

The marriage of friends is an important moment in life. It is necessary to send a suitable gift to bless newcomers, and some people may consider giving love underwear as a gift.But is this gift appropriate?Let’s discuss it below.

Interest underwear is a private gift

First of all, sexy underwear is a very private gift.It involves personal life and hobbies, not everyone is willing to receive such a gift.Therefore, before considering sending sex underwear, we must confirm whether the person who accepts the gift is interested in the gift.

Meaning of gifts

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Each gift has its unique significance. Giving gifts is to express blessings and concerns. So what does sexy underwear mean?Sending sex underwear may be misunderstood as taking the opportunity to tease each other or interfere with each other’s personal life. This misunderstanding will make people feel uncomfortable.

Is it suitable for newcomers

In addition, considering that sexy underwear is suitable for two people, it is not the best gift for newcomers.On the wedding night, there are still many things to face and deal with newcomers. They may not have much energy to try new experiences.In addition, the family and relatives of the newcomers will also appear at the wedding, and they may not be able to accept this gift, which will cause newcomers to be embarrassed.

Whether it is in line with etiquette

In etiquette culture, sexy underwear is not a suitable wedding gift.Traditionally, weddings are a solemn occasion, and the family and relatives of newcomers will attend, so we should choose some more solemn gifts to represent our blessings and respect.Interest underwear is usually regarded as an inappropriate and vulgar gift. It does not conform to our etiquette culture.

Another gift selection

If we don’t want to give love underwear as a wedding gift, there are many other options.We can send flowers or chocolates. These gifts are warm and romantic, expressing our emotions and blessings.We can also choose more practical gifts, such as household appliances or wedding photos albums, which are more in line with the etiquette norms of Chinese weddings.

Different cultural background consideration

It should be noted that in the context of different cultural backgrounds, the views of sexy underwear may be different.In Western society, sexy underwear is considered to be sex toys, and is a common gift choice.But in many Asian countries, sexy underwear may be uncomfortable and embarrassing, so we should choose gifts based on local tradition and culture.


You must respect the wishes of the other party

If we decide to give love underwear as a wedding gift, we must respect the wishes of those who accept the gift.We should ask each other’s opinions in advance to ensure that TA is interested in this gift and is willing to receive.It is best to choose other gifts if the other party is willing to receive such a gift.


In the choice of wedding gifts, we should respect traditional etiquette and the wishes of each other.Interest underwear is a kind of private, controversial gift, and it needs to be cautious.We can choose other gifts that are more in line with etiquette and wishes to express our blessings and care.