Selling sex underwear name

Selling sex underwear name: Create a brand with deep memory

With the continuous expansion of the sexy underwear market, more and more entrepreneurs and businesses have entered this industry.Among the many products, how to make your sexy underwear brand stand out?A proper brand name not only helps customers remember your brand, but also allows you to have a place in the market.In this article, we will discuss the entire plan from brand names to logo design for the name of sexy underwear.

I. Positioning your brand

As a merchant, we must first determine your brand design direction.Are you positioning sexy, lace red colorful sexy underwear, or are pink and cute underwear?Positioning is very important, and it is the most important step of brand naming design.After determining the direction of the brand, you can further think of elements, names and slogans.

II. Suitable for your brand name

The brand name is an impressive means.When choosing a good brand name, you need to pay attention to its eye -catching characteristics.Even if you just sell sexy underwear, your name should still have a certain loudness.Some interesting names, such as strawberry pie and the love of Lei Lei, are sexy and good names.A deep memory was left in the customer’s mind.

III. Identification symbol and slogan

Sign and slogan are a key component of brand design.The brand logo can be a picture that conveys specific information through shape, color and typesetting.The identification symbol is simple and clear, and the visual effect is strong.The slogan expresses the main purpose of the brand very straightforwardly.For example, the slogan of Haitian guests- "She looked into the distance, and I was in her eyes."The choice of various elements should meet your brand positioning and target audience.

IV. Pay attention to brand consistency

Brand consistency is the basic concept of a brand design.Whether it is brand name, sign or slogan, it should be consistent with brand positioning.This can enhance the brand’s clarity and make it easy for consumers to think of your brand.For example, a sexy underwear shop cannot position it as a demon, but its slogan is a gentle positioning.At this time, the brand positioning becomes unclear, and it is difficult for consumers to remember.

V. Creative feeling

The sexy underwear industry is a sexy industry.When you design the brand name, logo and slogan, it is important to convey a sexy emotion.You can emphasize this meaning by using sexy attractive colors, pictures and fonts in a better way.Driving the atmosphere of sexy temptation visually will make your brand more attractive in the market.

Vi. Create a deeper connection through sound brand recognition symbols

In addition to the visual brand logo and slogan, the sound part of the brand is also very important.You can choose a simple shout, music or sound effects that represent your brand, and integrate it into the brand.This will make your brand have a deeper connection, and consumers can think of your brand by hearing the corresponding voice of the brand.


The brand name and logo need to increase the popularity as much as possible.It can increase brand awareness through various channels.For example, the brand logo is placed in product packaging, advertising and shops.You can also open brand publicity activities for the brand to increase the brand awareness and awareness.

Viii. Transfer information through social media

Concentrated using social media to promote brands will be an effective way to increase brand awareness.Don’t rely too much on advertising, and is committed to establishing a powerful social media brand in the audience, which can produce a chain reaction.This will greatly increase your brand awareness.

IX. Choose the appropriate brand color

Color is also a factor that cannot be ignored in the brand design of sexy underwear.You can associate your brand color with the emotion and brand positioning.If you want your brand to look sexy, you can consider black, pink and red, these colors will think of emotional feelings in people’s minds.

X. Don’t be too straightforward

Nowadays, the fun underwear industry is becoming more mature, but an important problem is named.Some people will choose an too obvious brand name, which may seem attractive.However, this is not the best choice -to make the brand name have enough profits, it must ensure that it is unique and attractive.

Viewpoint: Brand positioning, name and logo are the most important elements of sexy underwear brand design.This requires you to have enough innovative spirit and insight into the audience to make an attractive brand.Adhering to brand consistency, increasing brand awareness, and choosing a suitable brand color is also an important step in designing a successful brand.

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