Sexy lingerie costume video tutorial

Sexy lingerie costume video tutorial


Interest underwear is modern clothing, which can bring a lot of sexy.Many people wear sexy underwear to enhance sex and enjoy sex.Interest underwear is a special clothing that can be combined with ancient clothing to create a unique charm.

Step One: Understand costume design

Before combining with sex underwear, we must understand the costume design.We must know how the costume is designed and how to use different styles and fabrics.Only by mastering these basic knowledge can we make a unique charm of costume sexy underwear.

Step Two: Choose clothing fabrics

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Before making ancient clothes, we must choose suitable fabrics.We can choose a variety of fabrics, such as cotton, silk, satin and yarn.We must consider different fabrics according to design needs to make the most suitable sexy underwear.

Step three: design sexy lingerie style

Designing erotic underwear is important.We can design the style of sexy underwear according to our preferences and needs.When designing styles, we can find inspiration from ancient costumes, such as the styles of clothing in the Song or Ming Dynasty.If necessary, we can also integrate modern elements to create more sexy and unique effects.

Step Four: Start making ancient clothing underwear

Once we determine the design and fabric, we can start making old -fashioned sexy underwear.We can use various tools such as needle wires and woven machines.Select the tool according to the design and follow the production steps.

STEP FIVE: Add decoration

When making ancient clothing underwear, we can add various decorations to enhance its unique charm.For example, we can add a diamond style, or use embroidery and beads to decorate.Decoration can help us create more sexy effects.

Step Six: Select accessories

It is important to choose suitable accessories, which makes sexy underwear look more perfect.We can choose accessories such as shoes, handbags, earrings and necklaces.These accessories can help us create a unique and gorgeous effect.

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Step seven: matching makeup

After making ancient clothes, we need to match different makeup.This makes our overall shape more perfect.We can use a variety of makeup skills to create suitable makeup and let our sexy underwear show the best results.

Step Eight: Long -term maintenance of sexy underwear

We need to maintain our sexy underwear for a long time.Dry cleaning is the best choice, which can ensure that our sexy underwear is not damaged.We can also use a special maintenance solution, which can help us maintain the quality of sexy underwear.No matter what you do, we should ensure that the sexy underwear is in good condition.


It requires a certain degree of technology and patience to make unique ancient outfit underwear.We must understand design, fabrics and decorations to create a perfect effect.After completion, we should maintain and cherish our sexy underwear, which can make it lasting and beautiful.