Sexy lingerie female temptation couple

Sexy lingerie female temptation couple

Interesting underwear: Essentials in the life of husband and wife

Interest underwear is a very popular clothes in the life of husband and wife. It can improve the taste and sex experience between husband and wife.Below we will explore the different types of sexy underwear and how they make the sexual life between you and your lover more exciting and interesting.

Caters to different preferences: different types of sexy lingerie

From sexy coquettishness, cute and fresh to sexy wild, sexy underwear has a variety of different types to cater to different preferences.Here are several common types.


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Plane robes, nightders, robes, and various accessories can make your sexy atmosphere fully reflected.Choosing a soft fabric and the appropriate size can reduce discomfort and promote the comfortable experience of sex.


The sexy of stockings is self -explanatory. Different patterns and colors can give people different visual experiences.The lace lining edge and close design can enhance the stimulus of visual and touch.

Lace underwear

Lace underwear has a soft and comfortable texture, and the processing of lines and details can also increase its sexy degree.Different tailoring designs can help you create different styles and temperament.

How to choose the right sexy underwear?

Choosing the right sexy underwear can greatly improve the quality and experience of intercourse.Here are some tips.

Consider the size

It is very important to choose the right size, and try to choose soft and breathable fabrics.When considering the size of the underwear, remember to measure the waist and hips.

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Consider the shape of the body

Considering personal body shape is one of the key to choosing the correct sexy underwear.Choosing a style and color suitable for your body can highlight your unique sexy and charm.

The overall style is natural and tension

When choosing a sexy underwear, the overall style and your own personality also need to be considered.Choose the clothing style that suits you and notice the coordination of color, shape and fabric.

How does sex underwear improve sex experience?

The use of sexy underwear can improve the fun and sex experience between husband and wife.Here are a few specific reasons.

Better temperature control

Sexy underwear can help control body temperature and achieve the purpose of enhancing sexual experience.Some materials will produce slight heat when they touch the skin, making people feel softer and comfortable.

Create a better atmosphere

Playing music in the room, adjusting the atmosphere, and placing balloons are the ideal match for sexy underwear.This can create a more romantic and sexy atmosphere, making people more input into the sexual experience.

Enhance interaction and communication

Putting on sex underwear allows you to have more interaction and communication between you and your lover.Together with choosing clothing, matching, and exerting all kinds of ingenuity, life can make life more interesting.

in conclusion

In general, sexy underwear helps promote the pleasure and health between husband and wife.Different types of sexy underwear can satisfy different hobbies and preferences.Choosing the right sexy underwear and creating a harmonious atmosphere can make the sex experience more unforgettable.