Sexy lingerie Peking opera video online playback

Sexy lingerie Peking opera video online playback

Sexy lingerie Peking opera video online playback

In recent years, some sexy underwear brands have begun to try to launch sexy underwear of Peking Opera -themed style and produce related online video advertisements.This new form of sexy underwear has made many consumers shine, which has also caused many discussions.

Style characteristics of Peking Opera Love underwear

Peking opera love underwear uses the color of traditional Peking opera, such as red, yellow, and green, and also combines the design elements of Peking opera clothing, which is brand new and chic.Especially in the details of its details, the curve is beautiful and beautiful, and is loved by consumers.

The fusion background of sexy underwear and Peking Opera

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Peking opera is one of the art of traditional Chinese opera. It has a history of more than 200 years and has rich performance language and unique vocals.And sexy underwear is a way to wear sexy and desire. It is completely different from the traditional Peking opera art. It makes people want to ask: How do they integrate together?In fact, this fusion is one of the backgrounds of the Beijing story fun underwear, and it is a cross -border innovation attempt.

Discuss the market prospects of Beijing plot fun underwear

From a market perspective, Peking Opera love underwear is not a mainstream way of dressing, and suitable people are more niche.But on the other hand, this novel expression form just cut the trendy, bold and innovative taste of modern young people, so it also has a certain market prospect.

How to choose the Beijing plot fun underwear that suits you

When choosing the Beijing plot fun underwear, the first thing to pay attention to is the choice of style and size. Only those who are suitable for you can better interpret the charm of this sexy underwear.

How to match the Beijing plot fun underwear

Peking opera love underwear is particularly suitable for wearing on special days, such as Valentine’s Day, Birthday, etc. At the same time, it also needs to be properly paired with other clothing, such as short skirts and leggings to achieve more perfect results.

Play online

The major sex lingerie brands are now publishing video advertisements for Beijing plot fun underwear on the official website or e -commerce platform. Consumers can watch and buy online on these platforms.This new form of propaganda has played a very important role in the promotion of fun underwear.

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The focus and difficulty of promoting the fun underwear of Beijing plot

Because Peking Opera Love underwear is a relatively avant -garde and novel way of expression, its main consumer groups are relatively small. In the process of publicity, special attention should be paid to choosing channels and methods.

Look at the value of Beijing plot fun underwear in traditional culture protection and innovation

Traditional culture is the precious wealth of the Chinese nation, and protecting traditional culture is the responsibility of every Chinese.At the same time, modern society also needs new cultural elements to be continuously injected into traditional culture, making it a new vitality.This fusion is always attempting innovation to promote the continuously showing the unique charm and value of the Chinese traditional culture to the world.


Peking opera love underwear is a new type of sexy underwear. It combines the traditional Peking opera elements with the design concept of sexy underwear, bringing a new visual experience to consumers.I believe it will gradually be accepted by more young people in the future and become a landscape in the sexy underwear market.