Sexy underwear allows her husband to flow nosebleed

Sexy underwear allows her husband to flow nosebleed

Introduction -Interest underwear is the key to a beautiful sex life

Interest underwear has become increasingly favored by women in recent years, and research on sexy underwear has become increasingly important.The real purpose of sexy underwear is to add interest and stimulate sexy, making the sex life between husband and wife more romantic and interesting. This underwear is a good way for women to promote themselves and give play to charm.

The first part -the four major types are fully unveiled

Interest underwear can be divided into four types: forefronts, stimuli, role -playing, and flirting.

Forepicals: Including a large number of satin silk underwear, sexy pajamas, suspenders, and one -piece pajamas, these are all worn by the foreplay.

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Stimulation: Including dew bra, sexy underwear, stockings, etc., these can make you confident and confident, and also increase your interests of yourself and your partner.

Role -playing categories: including school uniforms, police uniforms, nurses uniforms, swimsuits and other categories, which can allow women to try to do something unusual.

Fasting: Including various perspectives, stockings, lace panties, stockings suits, etc., these can arouse the partner’s strong interest in you and enhance the relationship between husband and wife.

Part 2 -Introduction to the Extremely Extreme Materials

In addition to the sexy degree of sex underwear, in addition to the model and style, materials are also very important factor.

Silk: Light -dazzling, providing vertical and horizontal support, sexy and stable!

Lace: Bring a perfect soft texture to women, filled with feminine charm, gorgeous and charming! It is mainly transparent, showing the gentleness and tenderness of women, and the stylish style is amazing!

Pearl cotton: The material is soft and smooth, which can attach the goodness of the human body, and its permeability is very good. It is the cost -effective choice in sexy underwear.


The third part -what temperament is the most important?

In addition to the sexy appearance and temptation materials, the temperament of sex underwear is also very important.

Femini: Gentle and charming, appropriately increase women’s charm

Pure: Baby -style innocent temperament makes people feel more comfortable and makes you exuding a clean and refreshing aroma.

Mature: Deep feeling, feminine breath, and calm performance, more perfectly show the charm of women from the heart.

Part 4 -How to choose a sexy underwear that suits you?

Before choosing a sexy underwear, we need to choose the appropriate style, color and material according to our body and temperament.

Body: Choose the most sexy underwear according to your body.For example, women with thick arm can choose to wear gloves with diamonds, lace and perspective, so that the arms can look slender.

Temperament: Because sexy underwear can not only emphasize the body curve and beauty, but also carefully describe women’s unbearable temperament and confidence.

Skin color: skin color is an important factor affecting the color choice of underwear.If you are too pale on your body, you can choose a darker sexy underwear, while women with lighter skin tone can choose bright colors to highlight the skin’s gloss.

Part 5 -How to maintain maintenance?

In order to ensure the beauty and shelf life of sexy underwear, correct maintenance is essential.

Cleaning: It is best to use a hand -washing method to clean the sexy underwear. The washing solution cannot be used to use a general detergent. It is best to use a special underwear cleaning agent.

Drying: The sexy underwear after cleaning must be fully dry, and it cannot be exposed to the sun. It is best to hang it in a ventilated place.

Part 6 -The most suitable occasion makes you more charming

Interest underwear is suitable for various occasions, making you more attractive.

Romantic Night: Perspective, lace corset, stockings suits and other underwear, allowing you to spend a romantic night with TA.

Party: Silk, sequin, gem and other sexy underwear allows you to shine on the party.

Private moments: Sexy underwear is also suitable for the private moments between you, tight sexy underwear, underwear exposed on the navel, etc. are very attractive.

Part 7 -The matching skills of sexy underwear

Interest underwear must not only choose carefully, but also is also important.

The matching of tops+underfits: Section of the selected bras not only have uniqueness in the shape, but also uses a sexy design. You can match skirts, shorts, pants, etc.

The same style of style: If the sexy underwear is matched a lot, it is also necessary to quickly understand and operate. The underwear of the same style can be used on the occasion, which enriches your underwear choice and make you get more small surprises.

Reinforcement of supplements: It is necessary to deal with the limitations of sexy underwear through accessories.These accessories can include high heels, necklaces, bracelets, bags, etc.

Part 8 -The important role of sexy underwear

Interest underwear really allows her husband to flow nosebleeds.These underwear can not only add more interest and stimulate sexy, but also make the sex life between husband and wife more romantic and interesting, making people feel the beauty and health of love.

Conclusion -Continue pursuit of better sexual life

Interest underwear can not only increase your charm and sexy level, but also focus on ensuring the good development of the relationship between husband and wife.Finally, we remind everyone that health and safety are the most important, and it is no exception for sexy underwear.