Sexy underwear and underwear series number

Sexy underwear and underwear series number

1. What is the series of sexy underwear and panties?

The sexy underwear and underwear series number refers to a set number system formulated independently by various sex lingerie brands.This number system is stipulated by the brand. In general, each sex underwear and underwear in the same brand will have a specific number.Through this number, buyers can easily identify the sexy underwear and underwear they want to buy.

2. What is the meaning?

The significance of sexy underwear and panties series is that it is a way for brand recognition.Through this number, the buyer can determine whether a certain sexy underwear is a brand.At the same time, this set of systems also provides convenience for buyers: they can quickly find the fun underwear and underwear style they need with only a series of numbers.

3. How to read underwear and panties series number?

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Under normal circumstances, the number of sexy underwear is presented in a string of numbers, which contains a lot of information in this number.Taking "B2114" as an example, its first letter "B" represents "BRA", the second number "2" represents "the style of the underwear", and the third number "1" represents "the color of the underwear".Four numbers "1" represent "composition of the fabric of the underwear", and the last digit "4" represents "the size of the underwear".

4. The meaning of the underwear style number

For underwear style numbers, sexy underwear brands usually use a similar number system.For example, "0" represents Push-up Bra, indicating that the bra has a thickened or filling effect, making the chest look fuller."1" represents the Plunge Bra, which usually has a lower center frame, which is suitable for wearing a relatively low collar.

5. The meaning of underwear style number

For underwear -style numbers, sexy underwear brands also use a similar number system.For example, "0" represents T-BACK Thong, a triangle head with a strap, which can show the hip curve of women."1" represents G-String, which is a small triangle bottom, focusing on highlighting the beauty of women’s hip.

6. The meaning of the color number

In the series of sexy underwear and underwear, the color number is used to distinguish the different colors of the same style underwear and underwear.Generally, the same number in a color number system represents a color.For example, if "1" represents white, the third digit number of all colors of white underwear numbers will be "1".

7. The meaning of the fabric composition number

In the series number of sexy underwear and underwear, the fabric composition number is used to illustrate the material of underwear and underwear.For example, "1" represents cotton, breathable and comfortable; "2" represents satin fabrics, bright and comfortable.


8. The meaning of size number number

In the series number of sexy underwear and underwear, the size number is used to represent the size of the underwear and underwear.Usually, the size of sexy underwear and underwear uses a relatively common number system.

9. What is the style of dress?

Dressing style refers to a overall style formed by when matching sexy underwear.Some sexy underwear and pants are more suitable for sexy and charming styles; while others are more suitable for sports and casual style.The correct style of dress can help you show your style more confidently.

10. How to correctly select the series of love underwear and panties?

When choosing a series of love underwear series, you need to choose the right style, fabric, color and size according to your needs and physical conditions.For example, if you want to add some fullness to your chest, you can choose a Push-Up BRA style. You should also pay attention to the correct size on the size to ensure the comfort and effect of the underwear.

In short, the sexy underwear series number can provide you with a lot of convenience in shopping, but you need to choose the most suitable underwear and underwear and you need your patience and experience.Choosing a proper sex underwear and underwear will definitely satisfy your body and mind.