Sexy underwear delivery packaging drawing design

Sexy underwear delivery packaging drawing design

Background introduction

With the improvement of people’s quality of life, the demand for the sexy underwear market is gradually increasing.In marketing, packaging design is a vital part.Packaging design can not only better protect the products, but also enhance the brand image and consumer experience.This article will explore the design plan for the packaging drawings of sexy underwear.

Target population

Before the design of sexy underwear packaging, the target group needs to be considered.Interest underwear mainly adds fun and fun products to couples, so the target group is mainly adult men and women.

Packaging design principles

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There are two basic principles of packaging design: attract consumers and protect products.In the design process, these two factors need to be considered at the same time.At the same time, we should follow simple, intuitive, eye -catching, and unwilling to design.

color match

Color is an important element in sexy underwear packaging design.When selecting the color, you should choose the color that matches the brand image.At the same time, pay attention to the color that is suitable for the target group, such as women prefer pale pink and purple.

Package Size

The packaging size is also an important consideration for sexy underwear packaging design.The packaging size should be as small as possible to reduce costs and convenient carrying.However, it is necessary to consider the special nature of sexy underwear and choose appropriate sizes to protect products.

Packaging material

The choice of packaging materials should consider the quality and cost of packaging materials.In order to protect products, high -quality materials should be selected, such as cardboard, PET, etc.

Logo design

The LOGO design of sexy underwear should be simple, intuitive, and easy to remember, and is consistent with the packaging design style.In this regard, you can consider finding a professional designer for design.

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Barcode design

The packaging of sexy underwear needs to contain barcodes.The barcode design should meet international standards and includes relevant information, such as product names, specifications, production date, etc.

Graphic design

The packaging box of sexy underwear should include pictures and brand pictures and related text introduction.These pictures should be high -definition, and the text introduction should be simple and clear.


In order to enhance the brand image and consumer experience, the packaging design should include some decorative elements, such as ribbons and flowers.

Through the above design, the packaging box of sexy underwear can attract consumers, protect products, enhance brand image and consumer experience.