Sexy underwear Design Contest 2019

Sexy underwear Design Contest 2019

Sexy underwear Design Contest 2019

In 2019, various creative sexy underwear emerged endlessly in the market.So, how can we create sexy underwear with unique style and in line with market demand?Sexy underwear designers from all over the world have participated in fierce competitions in the most noticeable stage this year -the sex underwear design contest!Below, let’s find out.

Venue and time

The 2019 Fun Underwear Design Contest was held in Paris, France from April 12th to April 15th. Participants were designers from well -known sexy underwear brands and design companies from all over the world.

Selection criteria

Cop Mesh Costume Set With Hat Glasses Tie & Nunchaku – 7201

In this competition, professional review will evaluate the works of each designer based on the following standards:

Design style and beauty

Quality and durability

Market adaptability

Highlights and innovation


In this competition, there were experts from 15 countries and industry insiders who reviewed their works.


In the participating works, the sexy bralette (short bras), high -waisted underwear, transparent tulle, mesh material and other design elements occupy a dominant position.In addition, some designers have drawn inspiration from the food and incorporate creativity such as cakes and fruits into the design of sexy underwear, which is bright.


Winners and winning works

In the end, the works of the 24 designers successfully advanced to the finals, and won the top three designers on behalf of their due honors to win the champion, runner -up and third runner -up.Among them, the champion won 1 million euros and showed the opportunity to show their works to 110 well -known sexy underwear dealers in 10 countries.The runner -up won 500,000 euros and showed the opportunity to show his works to 50 well -known erotic underwear dealers in 5 countries.The third runner -up has won 200,000 euros and the opportunity to show his works towards 30 well -known erotic underwear dealers in 3 countries.

Competition evaluation

The Sex Underwear Design Contest provides a platform for designers around the world to show their talents and creativity, and also provides us with an opportunity to feel what the future sex underwear will look like.

market expectation

As a new type of fashion single, sexy underwear has received the attention and love of more and more people.The designers draw their creativity and inspiration by participating in the competition, while also promoting the development of the sexy underwear industry.In the future, the sexy underwear industry will become more diverse and creative.


The sex lingerie design contest shows the design talents and creativity of the designers, and it is also a microcosm of the development and innovation of the sex underwear industry.The impact of this game on the industry and the market should not be underestimated. We look forward to more designers to embark on this stage and bring us more surprises and creativity.