Sexy underwear female costume Qinglou stewardess

Sexy underwear female costume Qinglou stewardess

Sexy underwear female costume Qinglou stewardess

Interesting underwear, as a underwear that can add sex, is very popular in the market.All kinds of erotic underwear are dazzling. Among them, the costume green building and the stewardess are the two most favorite types of Volkswagen.Today we will talk about these two types of sexy underwear from the style, character to matching.

Costume Qinglou Interesting Plasma

Unlike traditional underwear styles, most of the green lingerie in the costumes of costumes with traditional Chinese makeup beams as design inspiration.It is full of a strong classic atmosphere, reminiscent of the beauty of ancient courts.This kind of sexy underwear can make people instantly transform into a charming ancient beauty, making people feel a wonderful experience like crossing time and space.You can match other costume clothing such as robes, wide -sleeved, satin skirts, etc., playing the role of lady or palace girl in sex games, making the whole process more interesting!

Stewardess sexy underwear

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The features of stewardess sexy underwear are full of sexy and modern.The right tailoring design and details make the lines of the underwear beautiful and smooth.The color matching of blue and white also reminds people of the real flight attendant uniforms, bringing people a more realistic sex feeling.This sexy underwear is suitable for women who like modern fast -paced and some wild, put on it, you can perfectly interpret the character scene of high -teas.

detail design

Whether it is a green lingerie or a stewardess sexy underwear, their common point is that they have worked hard on the details.For example, the costume underwear of the costume green building focuses on the use of traditional crafts such as embroidery and lace. Each underwear attaches importance to every detail, so that the entire underwear is more in line with traditional aesthetic standards; while the stewardess’s sexy underwear pays more attention to the selection of lines and colors, focusing on the color selection, focusing onSimple and generous to highlight the freedom and independence of modern women.These delicate details are the unique charm of these sexy underwear.


Here, we need to emphasize that choosing sexy underwear is best to match our own personality.If it is a woman with no strong desire and quiet, it is the most suitable for choosing a green lingerie in the costume of the costume. If it is a cheerful personality and a woman who likes interactive, choosing the empty sister’s sexy underwear will make people feel excited.No matter which type of sexy underwear is selected, what you can’t ignore is the comfort of the underwear. Only underwear with high comfort can make you give full play to your charm in sex games.

Pay attention to match

Choosing sex underwear also needs to pay attention.It should not be just simple underwear, but to consider the matching with other clothes.For example, it can be paired with other more sexy clothing such as hip short skirts and perspective lace dresses.Especially during the whole sex game, the matching of various clothing will be one of the important factors affecting the atmosphere.Careful matching can achieve the finishing touch.


Don’t let the sexy underwear be treated by hasty in daily life.Before use, you need to pay attention to whether you are in line with your body and size, whether there are allergies, etc., keep it tidy, avoid residual dirt, use the appropriate detergent and method, add dry wardrobe after drying, and so on.Of course, in addition, some perfumes or other maintenance supplies that are more suitable for underwear are needed to truly take care of it.



In the end, Xiaobian also reminds everyone that when choosing sexy underwear, ** must adhere to the quality, safety and anti -counterfeiting ** of the product.This is not only your own security issue, but also respect for your partner and each other.Therefore, when buying sexy underwear, it is best to choose a big manufacturer to avoid buying unknown second -hand underwear or unauthorized imitation products as much as possible.


The above is some content related to the fun underwear women’s costume green building stewardess compiled by Xiaobian.Whether you like a green building or a modern stewardess, you can find your own one in the process of choosing a sexy underwear, adding a point to your sex life.