Sexy underwear model H novels

Sexy underwear model H novels

Sexy underwear model H novels

When I first started making a sexy underwear model, when I went to the company to try my clothes, I met a little couple. I was not older but looked pretty.I put on the bikini, and then saw the man’s eyes began to light up, and the woman next to him looked forward.I was quite strange at the time, did they want to play 3P with me?

Try adult item for the first time

During a new product shooting, the director arranged for me to put on a more sexy sexy underwear.The underwear is black and the material is very soft, but it gives a very strange feeling.Because I had never tried adults before, I was scared at that time.I can’t help asking what the director is used for this underwear.He comforted me, saying that this is just taking pictures, so there is no need to panic.So I put on this sexy underwear to grab the eye -catching photos.

Be careful to tear the precautions for breaking the sexy underwear

Plus Wet Look Chemise – P81153

Because the sexy lingerie style is special, you must be careful when you wear it.Sometimes it is folded when I tear up a sexy underwear. Fortunately, I haven’t encountered it yet.However, I heard other models say that it may be because they are not worn properly, and sexy underwear sometimes cannot be worn or could not be worn, which is embarrassing.There is also how to tear the sexy underwear. Here we remind everyone to be careful, otherwise you have to buy it yourself after the tear, and the loss is not a little bit.

Types of sex underwear

In the market, sexy underwear is not known as a clear category, and usually refers to a branch that is more concentrated in the adult product industry.In addition to the different colors and styles of sexy underwear, according to the different uses and materials, it can be divided into the following categories:

Lace sexy underwear

Sexy Lingerie

Sex cheongsam

Transparent underwear



Plus Chemise

SM set

Fun underwear pantyhose

The feeling of erotic underwear brings

Personally, wearing erotic underwear always feels more sexy.Unlike other ordinary underwear, sexy underwear usually reflects the material.Decoration will be decorated on lace sexy underwear to increase some sense of layering; transparent parts will be used on transparent underwear to reveal the curve of the body; starting with the shape and design on sexy underwear, highlighting the charm of women.The diverse method of sexy underwear can allow people to get rid of the restraint in daily life and enjoy a different feeling.

How to choose the right sexy underwear

Different people choose to depend on factors such as age, aesthetics, and height.Yellow or pink tone, and luxurious lace are all elements of sexy underwear; and the perspective materials, naked navel, and different sizes are unique features of perspective underwear.In the process of choosing, we must first clarify the feelings and self -awareness of your desired, and combine your own bust, height, waist circumference and other sizes to choose a style and style that suits you.

The focus of wearing erotic underwear

No matter which sex underwear you choose, you need to pay attention to some details during your wear.First, the basic combination is first completed.If you choose a black dress like black dress during the dress, you can pay attention to your accessories after wearing sexy underwear, such as high heels, and they can better set off their temperament and charm.At the same time, for a stable and peaceful body, it is recommended to choose a dark cheongsam style to enhance your feelings.

Maintenance of sexy underwear

Interest underwear has certain particularity, and its material and shape also have great requirements for washing methods.Common lace materials, etc. are all affected by friction, washing, etc., and it is easy to wear and cover the physical defects, fade, shrinking, etc., so it is not recommended to use too rough hand cloth or hard brush to clean.During cleaning, you can use special detergents to make its effect more fully and reduce wear.For special sexy underwear such as SM suits, there should be more detailed arrangements, and better show the style and temperament you want to present.

The charm of sexy underwear

Wearing sexy underwear can increase women’s self -confidence, sexy, and charm, making people feel more attractive.It is a unique female fashion, and its approach and molding method may be slightly different, but they all use women’s beauty as the design center, and also attract more and more women to try to wear sexy underwear.In short, wearing sexy underwear is a way of dressing every woman is worth having, which can bring a softer and elegant temperament.Let us try boldly and enjoy urban women’s fashion.


As a representative of sexy and fashionable style, sexy underwear has a special look and design style that make everyone wearing it more sexy and charming.It’s time to bid farewell to the outdated and seeking sexy and atmosphere models, try to wear sexy underwear to try to break through the boundary between sexy and cute.Wearing erotic underwear can not only make you more sexy and attractive, but also make women present the lines that show their hips and chests and set out the beauty of women.