Sexy underwear open gear picture Daquan

Sexy underwear open gear picture Daquan


As an indispensable accessory in sex games, sexy underwear can improve interest and tease the atmosphere.In various sexy underwear, the opening type is very tempting and exciting. Various design and style opening underwear is also very diverse. The following will introduce you to the full picture of sexy underwear.

The design is clever, full of sexy: classic V -shaped open crotch

Classic V -shaped open crotch -opening sexy underwear is the most basic opening design. The V -shaped opening method makes the body’s center of gravity fell more on the breast and waist, thereby bringing stronger challenges and stimuli to sex.In addition, detail treatment is also the key. For example, in terms of material selection, it is best to choose soft materials to avoid uncomfortable feelings.

The color is fresh, the eyes are bright: color opening underwear

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If you want to try some specially open -file sexy underwear, then consider the color style.These styles use bold colors, so that your partner can be attracted as soon as possible.There are many different color options in color -based sexy underwear. From amazing red to charming pink, you can always find the color that suits you.

Network red model, omnipotent: the whole body network eye opening sexy underwear

The full -body network eye opening and sexy lingerie style can cover the whole body, so that your body can be exposed to the greatest exposure, making sex particularly irritating.This style of underwear usually uses soft and comfortable materials, so that you will not feel tight or discomfort.The most important thing is that the full -body network -eye -opening sexy underwear can make you more open and bravely expressing your sexy.

The design is unique and ingenious: stitching open -gear sexy underwear

The design of the stitching open -gear sexy underwear is very chic, stitching different materials or colors into unique styles, making your sexy more outstanding.In this design style, there are both classic, noble designs, exaggerated and cute designs, so that you can choose a style that conforms to your own taste and style.

Popularity, the trend is always: hollow open -range sexy underwear

The hollow -out -of -the -gear erotic underwear is also a very popular style. This underwear cuts the material into patterns and has a small coverage, showing a perfect body curve.You can choose a variety of patterns and shapes, from the classic bird cage shape to complex patterns, depending on your mind and preference.

There are thousands of styles, don’t have a flavor: silk opening underwear

Film opening underwear is a very classic style.The texture of the silk material is soft, smooth, and soft, which can bring the ultimate comfort to the skin while maintaining sexy.Compared with other open -stall sex underwear, the unique luster of the silk material can also increase the charming Romantic style of women.

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Realistic simulation, like a real person: simulation peach hip underwear

Simulation of peach hip underwear is a very popular colorful lingerie style that has been particularly popular in recent years.Peach hips are very high, making people think they are real people at a glance.In addition, the shape design is also very user -friendly, and professional molding creates a precious "softness" and a gradual "implicit" beauty.If you want to try some special styles, you may wish to learn from this simulation peach hip underwear.

Show tattoos, bold and sexy: tattoo open -stall sexy underwear

Tattoo -style sexy underwear is a very distinctive design style.If you want to show your tattoos or reflect your unique style, then this open -ended underwear style with various tattoo patterns and pattern elements is a very good choice.

Tie series, elegant and sexy: open tie -style sexy underwear

Open tie sexy underwear is a very elegant and sexy style.It tied clothes on the body through a firm tie.It has both classic black and white matching, as well as various bright colors and different patterns and materials, so that you can choose styles that conform to your own taste and style.

Sexy queen, full of eye: high -waist open -stall inner pants, sexy underwear

High -waisted underwear Innerwear is to strengthen the design of women’s sexy curves. This sexy underwear design can outline women’s waist more perfect, hot colors, wild tailoring, and strong sexy atmosphere, which can perfectly show women perfectlyBeautiful curve.


Open -file sexy underwear has the unique charm and temptation of modern women.Different types of opening underwear can bring different sexual experiences.When choosing, you should choose the right style according to your body shape and taste, and use the appropriate style to enhance your confidence and sexy atmosphere, making you more confident and attractive.