Sexy underwear pants are picked up

Sexy underwear pants are picked up

Intellectual origin of sexy underwear pants

Through pants, as a more special style in sexy underwear, its unique design and sexy charm have long made it a dream in the hearts of many women.The name of the thong also shows its design concept to people to some extent.

It is said that the name of the thongs originated from its appearance to the letter "T", and the T-shaped translated into "T-BACK" in English, and the "back" in this word means "back" in Chinese meaningEssenceTherefore, thongs are also named.

Design and advantages of sexy underwear pants pants

The design of the thong is different from ordinary underwear, because it usually has only a narrow -like cloth strip to hold the genitals, and the cloth strip extends upward into a slender Y -shaped shape, which has been extended to the waist.Perfectly shows the sexy charm of women.

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Compared with ordinary underwear, the communication design of thongs can more perfectly outline the curve of female hips, and women who pursue sexy and comfortable can definitely enjoy more freedom and happiness in them.

Sorting of sexy underwear pants

According to the characteristics of design and material, there are many classifications of thong pants.Among them, some common types include low waist, high waist, lace, slim, transparent, etc.Different styles show the sexy charm of women on different occasions.For example, low -waisted thongs can fully show the sexy of women, making women more brilliant in dating or gatherings.

Sexy lingerie pants dressing skills

Although the design of thong is unique, it is not suitable for every woman, and it requires some dressing skills to wear good results.

First of all, choose the right style according to your own body, such as slim -fitting pants suitable for women with fleshy waist.Secondly, pay attention to match with a jacket and jacket, try to choose wrapped jackets, or match the balancedness such as gown.

Maintenance method of sexy underwear pants pants

Interest underwear is a special type of clothing. Due to the particularity of the design, it is not only more comfortable, but also has a higher sexuality.However, some precautions are needed during maintenance.

First, don’t put it in the sun, because this will affect the quality of the thong.Secondly, you should pay attention to wash. Try to use cold water hands to wash or use a special laundry bag. Do not use bleach to close the button and zipper to prevent damage.Finally, you should also pay attention to it when drying. It is best to use a flat way to dry it. Do not directly expose it.

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Fun underwear pants wear occasions

As a special type of erotic underwear, thongs are more limited to emotional life.For example, couples, dating late at night, and so on.At this time, we must grasp the sense of balance between wearing and the occasion, not only to maintain sufficient sexy charm, and not to touch the local customs.

The market status of sexy underwear pants

At present, thong has become a key product in the sex underwear market.Regardless of categories, materials, styles and color, there are many choices in the market.At the same time, as people’s acceptance of sexy underwear continues to increase, the market demand of thong pants has also increased year by year.

Sexy charm of sexy underwear pants

The sexy charm of thong is unparalleled.When a woman puts on thongs and shows the sexy curve and the charm of the body, it can make any male heart move.For women itself, wearing thongs is also a kind of physical and mental enjoyment, which can fully show their confidence and beauty.

Therefore, when choosing a sexy underwear, you may wish to choose a thong that is suitable for you to experience the sexy charm and comfort in it, and make yourself more confident and beautiful.