Sexy underwear pijin picture

Sexy underwear pijin picture

Sexy underwear pijin picture

What is sexy underwear pijin?

Interesting underwear PIJIN is a new type of sexy underwear. The word "Pijin" is taken from Chinese Pinyin, which means exposed hip pants.

pijin picture appreciation

There are many styles and colors of sexy underwear PIJIN, and many photos can be found online for appreciation.

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For example, some pijin is knotted, and the degree of adjusting the hip exposure by the tie; and some PIJIN uses special air -ventilated materials, which is more comfortable to wear; in addition, some Pijin adds sequins or lace decorations and other decoration, Present a more shining effect.

Pijin’s position in sexy underwear

Pijin is a very special style in sexy underwear. Its sexy level is relatively high, which can fully display the female curve and also stimulate male visual stimuli.

Therefore, when designing sexy underwear, some brands will focus on PIJIN as a focus to launch a variety of personalized and fashionable styles.

How to choose suitable pijin

To choose a Pijin style that suits you, you need to consider your figure and personal preference.

If you belong to a relatively thin body type, you can choose some styles with a relatively high degree of exposed buttocks; if you are full, you can choose some styles that have special designs on the waist and thighs to prevent it from being bloated due to excessive exposure of the hips.

In addition, you also need to pay attention to the fabric of Pijin. You must choose a soft, comfortable and breathable fabric to wear more comfortable and naturally.

How to match pijin

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Pijin has a high degree of sexy, so you need to pay attention to matching.

If you want to use Pijin as a sexy underwear, you can match some appropriate flirting props, such as leather whip, handcuffs, etc. to increase the interest atmosphere.

If you want to wear Pijin as a daily wear, you can choose some relatively high -quality tops, such as leather tops, sweater, etc., and integrate Pijin into the overall shape.

How to maintain PIJIN

Pijin’s fabric is relatively thin, and you need to pay attention to maintenance and avoid damage.

It is recommended to wash it by hand, use a mild cleaner, do not use bleach or powerful cleaner.

After washing, you need to dry naturally to avoid direct sunlight or dryer.

Pijin applicable occasion

Pijin’s applicable occasions are special, not suitable for wearing in public.

Pijin is more suitable for use in private places, such as dating, Valentine’s Day and other occasions.

Of course, for some sunny and open people, Pijin can also be used as a swimsuit or faction.

Pijin’s development trend

With the development of society, Pijin is constantly evolving and innovating. The style is richer, the materials are more comfortable, and the decoration is more exquisite.

It is foreseeable that Pijin, as a special existence in sexy underwear, will occupy a more important position in the future market and become an important part of women’s sexy underwear.

Pijin’s advantages and disadvantaged analysis

Advantages: high degree of sexy, can fully show the female curve; rich in style, unique design, and meet different consumer needs;

Disadvantages: Suitable scenes are relatively limited, not suitable for large quantities in public places; fabrics are thin, you need to pay attention to maintenance;

in conclusion

As a unique design, PIJIN PIJIN has a very large market prospect.Choosing Pijin that suits you can make women more confident and beautiful, and it can also bring psychological stimuli and satisfaction.