Sexy underwear reveals outer wearing pictures.

Sexy underwear reveals outer wearing pictures.

Sexy underwear reveals outer wearing pictures.

1. What is sexy lingerie exposed to wear?

Sending underwear exposure is a fashion matching style, which refers to combining sexy sexy underwear outside to make it a fashion element.Common sexy lingerie shows the style of wearing wearing style: Bralette, CAGE Bra, corset and so on.

2. Back -up sex underwear outside

Back -back erotic underwear can be used as a top or coat, catering to the popular backbone trend this year.It can make women with well -proportioned backs highlighting the back lines.

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3. Grid sexy underwear outside wearing

Grid sexy underwear has strong skin penetration outside, suitable for women with unique sexy.Grid sexy underwear is also one of the popular styles of this year.

4. Perspective erotic underwear wearing

Performing sexy underwear focuses on showing the sexy of women. Through lace or gauze materials, women’s body curves are outlined, which is very tempting.

5. layer of stacking underwear outside

Layer -stacking sexy underwear is usually paired with two or more sexy underwear with similar styles to make the sense of layering stronger.This mix is also suitable for women with all sizes.

6. Printed erotic underwear wearing

Printing erotic underwear is suitable for use in summer.There are many designs for printing. You can choose your favorite pattern and color, which is very suitable for wearing as a netizen gathering.



Mixed -line sexy underwear means that with different types of sexy underwear, it creates a different visual effect.You can choose according to your preferences, so that underwear is no longer a small secret hidden in the wardrobe.

8. Four in the hose sex underwear outside wearing

Interesting underwear is becoming more and more popular in recent years.The hose material comes with tension, and it will naturally ripple after wearing it to increase the aesthetics of sports.Suitable for women with body bodybuilding.

9. Lace sex lingerie outside

Lace erotic underwear is the most common out -out style.The lace material is full of women’s sexy soft softness, showing a soft curve, which is the favorite of many women.

10. Other sexy lingerie shows the design of external wear

In addition to the sexy underwear introduced above shows the style of wearing style, there are some unique designs.For example, tube top sexy underwear wears, hooded erotic lingerie outside, and so on.These styles are very special, suitable for women who are brave.

in conclusion

Sexy underwear exposes the style of wearing outside pursuit of personality and fashion.Women can choose to show their own styles and try different matching on different occasions to show different charm.