Sexy underwear TOY

Sexy underwear TOY

Introduction to sexy underwear TOY

Interesting underwear TOY refers to underwear that promotes sexual behavior and enhances sexual experience, usually refers to some underwear, which is easy to collect and have a certain stimulating effect.

S classical of sexy underwear TOY

TOY of sexy underwear can be divided into multiple categories according to its functions, such as vibrating underwear, remote control underwear, suspenders, rings, sexy eye masks, and so on.

Vibration underwear

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As a popular sexy underwear TOY, vibration underwear has a built -in vibration device. It can produce an unparalleled stimulus in the process of dressing, helping you and your partner to reach an orgasm faster.

Remote control underwear

Remote control underwear generally needs to use external controllers, including wire control and wireless controller.This underwear can help you experience exciting sex with your partner without being found.


The quotation ring is a delicate accessory that is usually used for male shocks.It can help men maintain the hardness of the penis, extend the time of sex, and enhance the pleasure.

Erotic eye mask

Sexual eye masks are a device that can block sight, which helps enhance sexual love.In the case of using eye masks, the other half can enhance sexual stimuli by gently shooting, touching, kissing, etc. to strengthen the sense of experience.

The advantages of sexy underwear TOY

Compared with ordinary sex toys, sexy underwear TOY is easy to wear and carry, and it is more private and easy to adapt to sexual needs between couples or husbands and wives.Because wearing it on the body, sexy underwear TOY can also imply the richness and importance of sex in daily life.

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Suggestions for the use of sexy underwear TOY

After buying a sexy underwear, you must read the instructions carefully before use.In the process of sex, you must be very cautious to play with sexy underwear to avoid physical damage.

How to clean sexy underwear TOY

Cleaning sexy underwear is crucial.Use mild soapy water to wash, and rinse it with water. Do not soak the sexy underwear in the water to avoid burning the circuit.

The price of sexy underwear ToY

The price of sexy underwear TOY is different due to the differences in its brands, functions, materials, and technical factors.Before buying, it is recommended that customers understand the value of the product and make reasonable decisions.

View of sexy underwear TOY

In general, sexy underwear TOY is a unique sex accessory that can add color and stimulation to sex experience.Before using, please master its correct use methods and precautions to avoid physical damage.Before purchasing, you need to rationally evaluate and make wise decisions.