Sexy underwear type pictures

Sexy underwear type pictures

1 Introduction

As a special underwear, sexy underwear has gradually entered people’s vision. It can not only enhance the charm of women, but also improve the interesting life between husband and wife, becoming an indispensable part of husband and wife life.Different sexy underwear types are suitable for different occasions and personal preferences. The following will introduce several common sexy underwear types.

2. lace underwear

Lace underwear is a sexy underwear full of feminine charm. Common colors include black, red, pink and white.Lace underwear fabrics are usually soft and delicate materials, such as silk, cotton, crystal gauze, etc.This underwear in bed can make people instantly sexy and charming, and its transparent fabrics can also make people feel mysterious.

3. stockings

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As a part of the sexy underwear, stockings can not only increase the sexuality of women, but also extend the leg lines and make the legs look more slender.Different colors and patterns are suitable for different occasions. For example, black or gray stockings can be suitable for daily life, and patterns or fish net socks are suitable for fun moments.

4. Open crotch underwear

Open crotch underwear is a underwear with a crotch in a private part, usually only used in sex.The open crotch underwear is convenient and practical, which can allow people to better enjoy the process of sex, liberate the hands and feet of both sides, and freely enjoy sexual pleasure.

5. Leather underwear

Leather underwear is a kind of sexy underwear suitable for people who prefer SM (sex abuse) and BDSM (slave, owner, abuse and other interests).This underwear is generally made of rubber or sheepskin. After wearing it, it can improve people’s gender sense, enhance the interesting experience, and allow people to better integrate into interesting life.

6. bellyband

The bellyband is a traditional sexy underwear, commonly in the Eastern region.The bellyband covers a smaller area and only covers the part of the breast, which allows petite women to better reveal their figure lines.

7. Dress underwear

Dress underwear is usually matched with sexy dinner or nightclub clothing, also known as "nightclub sex lingerie".Dress underwear is usually made of shiny fabrics or hollow fabrics, which can make people look particularly sexy and beautiful in nightclubs or dinner occasions.

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8. Visual temptation underwear

Visual seductive underwear is a super sexy erotic underwear. Its design style has an avant -garde and artistic atmosphere.This underwear design is complicated, usually with multi -layered material stitching, diamonds or hollowing out, which can visually give people a strong impact.

9. Skin care underwear

Skin care underwear is mainly used for daily life, while maintaining sexy, it can also provide sufficient care for the skin.Different underwear materials can also bring different care effects to the skin. For example, silk underwear can soothe the skin, cotton underwear can absorb sweat and breathable.

10. Summary

There are many types of sexy underwear, and different styles are suitable for different occasions and personal preferences.Wearing sexy underwear can not only increase the interest of husband and wife life, but also make women more confidently show their charm.I hope that everyone can choose a sexy underwear that suits them according to their needs and body characteristics, adding vitality and passion to life.