Shanghai’s 3rd Sex Fun Underwear Show

Shanghai's 3rd Sex Fun Underwear Show


Shanghai’s 3rd sexy underwear show attracted sexy underwear enthusiasts from all over the country to participate. This is a moment of self -attitude and style while appreciating beauty and avant -garde.

Star Product Analysis

This sexy underwear show shows new design and color sexy underwear. The most popular products are the gradually popular hollow erotic underwear, three -dimensional tailoring design, and ripped denim lingerie.

European and American sexy underwear popular trends

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European and American sex lingerie is mainly simple and simple in the dark tone structure, which is different from traditional Asian style.More popular styles include pure black, sexy tight suspenders and ultra -thin stockings.

Gathering Demon temperament erotic underwear

Gathering sexy underwear is an important first choice for women to show charming sexy.Some of these designs highlight women’s busts without exaggeration, which has both sexy and charming devil temperament.The hollow design and innovation style also appear, showing the increasingly bold attitude and choice of modern women.

European luxury style sexy underwear

European luxurious sexy underwear is often characterized by silk, lace and handmade sewing.These products are diverse and colorful, showing the elegant and noble side of women.

Retro retro flawed underwear

The retro retro -style sexy underwear is characterized by soft colors, and the style design is very linear and beautiful, showing a strong sense of oldness and life.At the same time, this style is also suitable for the different styles of women in various ages.

Dark flower design application in stockings and underwear

In this sexy underwear show, the audience saw a more vague design inside.One of them is a special dark flower design. This design is difficult to detect in stockings and underwear, which reflects the deep control of women’s personal space and inner heart.


Thousands of body design

On the sexy underwear show, various breakthrough body design has been continuously proposed.Some products break through the traditional model. They use naked design or special fusion materials to create unprecedented ultimate visual enjoyment, so that the audience can feel the huge charm brought by sexy underwear.

Taste needs to break through the traditional restraint

Modern women have broken through the traditional constraints, and can be highly evaluated and recognized for the novel design and ingenious materials of sexy underwear.Taste is constantly improving, and it is necessary to constantly break through the traditional restraint.The designers of sex underwear will continue to show their talents in the future and give women more choices.


In the 3rd sex underwear show in Shanghai, whether it is the innovation of the product, the breakthrough in design, the trend of materials and the update of aesthetic style, all show the trend and direction of sexy underwear design.Attitude and value.The best sexy underwear is a spiritual experience. It gives women more vitality and charm, and it is also a sweet catalyst that makes women more confident.