Sports Painting Newspaper Intellectual Pleuel

Sports Painting Newspaper Intellectual Pleuel

Sports Painting Newspaper Intellectual Pleuel


Interesting underwear, as the name suggests, is designed to increase interest.Unlike ordinary underwear, sexy underwear is more sexy and teasing.In recent years, the sports pictorial has launched a series of sexy underwear, which is loved by consumers.

Three classic styles

Sports painting newspaper’s fun underwear is mainly divided into three classic styles.The first is a lace style. Perspective lace is particularly popular in recent years and is often used for flirting on the bed.The second is leather style. Many people like to wear this style of sexy underwear because they have mystery and control desire.The third is a grid style, light and transparent, many changes, and a common sexy lingerie style.

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First of all, it is important to choose your favorite style.Secondly, because the size of the sexy lingerie cannot be slightly wrong, such clothes must be very tight curves to highlight their sexy effects.Third, quality and price are also matters that need to be considered when buying.The quality of the brand’s sexy underwear is more secure, the style is more perfect, and the price is relatively high.The quality and price of ordinary sex underwear are relatively common, which is also another choice.

How to maintain

It is recommended to use naturally drying. Do not use a dryer or sun. If the conditions are allowed, it is recommended to wash it with your hands. Good erotic underwear will marked detailed cleaning and maintenance methods.At the same time, be careful not to use bleach or other strong acid and strong alkali cleaner to avoid destroying the original material texture.


It is important to pay attention to the sexy underwear is to choose the right sub -pairing, such as high waist underwear, T -shaped pants, etc.You can choose different matching methods according to different situations and types to achieve the best dressing effect.

Falling underwear men and women preferences

According to the survey, men prefer to wear sexy underwear, while women think that sexy underwear makes them feel more confident and feminine.Especially in life, sometimes wearing erotic underwear, making women more cheerful and confident.

Sexual discrimination of sexy underwear


It is undeniable that there is still a certain problem of gender discrimination in the design and publicity of erotic underwear.Many sexy underwear is designed to wear women, while men’s sexy underwear is not much.Today, the gender concept is gradually changing, and more attention is needed and discussed this issue.

The degree of openness and cultural background of sexy underwear

The degree of openness of sex underwear is closely related to the cultural background.In Western countries, especially Europe and the United States, sexy underwear is not considered excessive or exposed.In China and some Asian countries, sexy underwear is still considered a more private thing, and it is not very publicly displayed.


The sexy underwear of the sports pictorial has been loved by many consumers. It not only breaks through in design and quality, but also allows more people to understand the relatively private and mysterious field of sexy underwear.However, when buying and matching, we also need to pay attention to everyone’s personal characteristics and cultural background to achieve the best results.