Stardy novels that wear fun underwear

Stardy novels that wear fun underwear

Stardy novels that wear fun underwear


In recent years, sexy underwear has gradually entered people’s lives. Wearing erotic underwear can not only increase interest, but also increase self -confidence.However, wearing sex underwear in some situations will also have adverse effects.Below, we will explore a novel about sexy underwear.

Plot introduction

The story tells that a young girl was hired by a rich man and served him at a high price.The rich asked the girl to wear sexy underwear at his party, but the girl felt very disgusted and rejected the request.

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Resistance girl

Girls refused to wear fun underwear, which made the rich very angry.But the girl did not shrink. She resolutely resisted the rich and told him that she was not a commodity, and would not lose her self -esteem because of money.

The threat of the rich

The rich did not give up. He began to threaten the girl. If she did not wear sex underwear, she would lose this high -income job.Facing the threat, the girl began to feel blank and helpless.

Friend’s support

The girl talked to her friends’ dilemma. Friends began to support the girl and told her that she should adhere to her principles and not give up her bottom line for money.


The girl got a friend who knew very much about sexy underwear. She helped the girl to choose a sexy underwear that could meet the requirements of the rich and meet the girl’s own style.The girl began to feel confident.

The appearance on the party


At the party, the girl put on new sexy underwear, showing her perfect figure and charming temperament, and became the focus of the party in one fell swoop.The rich was very satisfied with the performance of the girl and introduced her to some friends.


In the end, not only did not let the girl lose her job, but she increased her salary again and helped the girl open up her career.Girls also realize that when they encounter problems, they should adhere to their own principles and not be controlled by the outside world.


This novel helps us know the multi -facetedness of sexy underwear. Interest underwear is not only to stimulate interest, but also shows our beauty and confidence.At the same time, the story also tells us that we must adhere to our principles and find a way to solve the problem when facing difficulties.