Stardy wearing funny utensils

Stardy wearing funny utensils

Stardy wearing funny utensils

Today’s sexy underwear market is becoming more and more prosperous, but sometimes these charm underwear are used by some people as coercive objects.This article will discuss the problem of coercion and how to wear and how to deal with it.

1. What is stress to wear sexy underwear?

Reinforcement wearing sexy underwear means that one person uses mandatory means to force another person to put on sexy underwear.Common ways include threats of words, physical and psychological, or using the advantages of power, economy, and physical aspects to force the other side to put on sex underwear.

2. Requirement of sexy underwear is immoral

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First of all, it is clear that coercion is immoral.Everyone has the right to decide what they wear, and their choices should not be imposed by others.Even if you have an emotional relationship with the coercion, this behavior should not be tolerated.

3. The impact on those who are coercive

Wearing a sexy underwear may make people feel uneasy and uncomfortable, especially in the case of coercion.Those who are coercion may feel that they have lost their control, which may lead to serious psychological trauma and consequences.In addition, wearing uncomfortable underwear may also cause adverse effects on the body.

4. How should I cope with the coercion?

If you are coercive to wear a sexy underwear, the first thing you need to do is protect yourself.In the case of ensuring your own safety, you can choose to leave the scene or call the police.If the coercion is a person who is close to you, you can choose to refuse or negotiate directly with him to let him understand your position.

5. Is the sexy underwear brand important?

Those with coercion may think that as long as they wear sexy underwear, they can stimulate sexual desire, regardless of brand and quality.In fact, sexy underwear brands and quality are very important.The quality of quality of quality of quality is not only more comfortable, but also has a better texture and visual effect, which improves self -confidence and overall feeling.

6. Education and prevention

In order to avoid stressing incidents, we need to strengthen the education and prevention of stress behavior.Since childhood, we have cultivated rational judgments and independent choices, and promoted rational, healthy, and correct sexual concepts and moral norms.


7. Support victim

If you or the people around you have been coerced to wear sexy underwear, you should be helped and supported.The way of seeking assistance can be a friend who is looking for psychological counseling services or a friend who has a close relationship.

8. Call for society to pay attention

Requirement of sexy underwear is a serious gender violence. We need to call on the society to pay more attention to this issue and take action.From the government’s investment to the punishment of the coercion, from family education to the creation of public atmosphere, it should be our way to solve this problem.

Viewpoint: Requirement of sexy underwear is an unbearable behavior. We should take positive actions to help victims and prevent coercive incidents.