Taobao comments with pictures of sexy underwear

Taobao comments with pictures of sexy underwear

Brief introduction

There are many sexy underwear products on Taobao. As the "Taobao Review Band" is getting higher and higher on the Internet, more people have begun to choose to buy sexy underwear through comments.In this article, we will introduce some sexy underwear of Taobao comments with pictures.

Lace retro and physical sex underwear

This sexy underwear reveals a romantic atmosphere, made of high -quality lace materials, and the unique embroidery pattern enhances sexy.Many people in the comments claim that it is very good, comfortable, and has a perfect design.

Sexy hollowing fun underwear

Plus Rhinestone Fishnet Bodystocking – P81180

This sexy underwear uses a hollow design to create a sexy atmosphere.Although the price is not expensive, the customer’s reaction in the comments is very sexy, which is very suitable for special days such as Valentine’s Day.

Stretching lace sex underwear suit

This set is made of lace and gauze material, which is very breathable.The customer in the comments reflects this set of interesting underwear very soft and comfortable to wear.There is also a removable suspender in the set, which is convenient for users to adjust flexible according to their needs.

European style retro interesting lace underwear

This sexy underwear has exquisite lace, which exudes a beautiful atmosphere at the same time.The price is reasonable, and a lot of praise in the comments. The customer said that the quality is very good. It is very comfortable and very satisfied with it.

Floomy sexy lingerie

The material of this sexy underwear is transparent gauze, which is sexy and elegant, and the price is moderate.Many customers in the comments reflect that it can fully show their figure. It is very comfortable to wear and is worth trying.

Sexuality and Funny Underwear

This sexy underwear is designed with transparent material and is equipped with lace edges.Many customers in the comments believe that it has a high degree of sexy and comfortable, and it is very suitable for special occasions such as Valentine’s Day.


High -elastic Emotional Emotional Lingerie Set

This set of sexy underwear is very suitable for women with good body lines. It uses high elastic fabric to make the body more prominent.In the comments, the customer’s reaction set is very well designed, the comfort is high, and the hip -lifting effect is excellent.

Lace Extreme Sex Emotion

This set of sexy underwear is equipped with high -quality lace, which is super high sexy, which is very suitable for flirting between couples.In the comments, many users call it highly elastic and difficult to deform, and the price is moderate.

Petal hood cup sex lingerie set

This set of fun underwear is equipped with a very mature and atmospheric feeling, and the exquisite petals stripes are very special.The response comfort in the customer’s comment is high, does not irritate the skin, and is a good sexy underwear suit.

Charming sexy maid sexy underwear

The design and materials of this set of sexy underwear are very sexy.In the comments, the customer’s response to put on this set of sexy underwear is very comfortable, and the fabrics used have a certain thickness, which will not make people feel too transparent.

in conclusion

In summary, there are many types of sexy underwear on Taobao, from sexy, retro to atmospheric style.Different erotic underwear is suitable for different occasions, and you should also buy according to your personal figure and needs.When choosing to buy, you may wish to see more comments and drawing comments, which will help choose a sexy underwear that suits you.