The chest is so big that the sexy underwear cannot be covered


For many women with large breasts, choosing a sexy underwear that suits them may face difficulties.Some erotic underwear may not be able to cover the chest in full, and even external leaks will affect the dressing effect.

1. Buy the right underwear size

It is very important to buy the appropriate underwear size, which can avoid leaks from inappropriate wearing underwear.You need to measure the breast size on a regular basis, and ask the underwear clerk’s suggestions on different brands and styles.

2. Choose supported underwear

Women with large chests need to choose supportive sexy underwear in order to fully support the chest.The sexy lingerie without steel may not be strong enough, and it is difficult to maintain its shape in exercise or activities.

3. Avoid choosing too tight sexy underwear

The tight -fitting lingerie will cause obvious scarming around the chest, and even increase the risk of chest leakage.Choose a moderate loose but close to the body’s sexy underwear to avoid this.

Fourth, choose materials with thickness

Choose a sexy underwear with a certain thickness to better cover the chest and avoid the exposure of the nipples.Thin -material erotic underwear may fit the skin densely, showing the squeeze line in the underwear, which affects the wearing effect.

Fifth, consider using a full cup -style sexy underwear

Full cup sexy underwear may be a better way to solve the problem of chest leakage.Because this sexy underwear can completely cover the chest and provide the maximum support and cover.

6. Understand different sexy lingerie styles

Mastering different erotic lingerie styles and better understanding of their differences can help choose a sexy underwear that suits you.For example, women with large chests may be more suitable for choosing a hooded or shabon -free sexy underwear, because these styles can fully support the chest.

7. Choose the right color and pattern

Choose sexy underwear that is suitable for your appearance characteristics and patterns to make you more confident when wearing.Especially in terms of color and patterns, it is matched with the style of the coat, which can better achieve the effect of beauty and covering the chest.

8. It is best not to choose too tight coats

Wearing a tight coat will cause squeeze on sexy underwear, affecting its shape and support effect.Therefore, it is best to choose a moderate loose coat before wearing a sexy underwear.

Nine, choose suitable sexy underwear during exercise

When you need to exercise or other violent activities, you need to choose a suitable sexy underwear.Especially when performing high -intensity exercise, it is necessary to have a better supportive underwear to avoid discomfort and disorders during exercise.

10. Conclusion

For women with large breasts, it is important to choose a sexy underwear that suits them.You need to understand different brands and styles, choose the right size, support, cover, and thickness. You also need to choose color and patterns according to your physical characteristics, and reasonably match the coat.I hope the above suggestions can help you choose a sexy underwear that suits you.

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