The sexy underwear that can reveal the figure


Sexy underwear has become one of the essential products for modern women, and the sexy underwear that can reveal the figure is loved by female friends.This article will introduce five sexy underwear that can show figures, bringing more choices to your fun life.

1. Type -style sexy underwear

Type -style sexy underwear often uses thin fabrics to portray women’s beautiful figure curves.Elements such as embroidery lace and lace can better highlight the design of lace and high waist.Some underwear with a tulle skirt, the side of the skirt weakens the effect of thin long legs, can show a beautiful figure curve.

2. Waist beam underwear

Waist -waist underwear has a good performance in T -shaped, V -shaped and wavy stitching.This style of underwear is actually using the proper design to allow the fitted clothes to squeeze and tighten the physical effect, achieve the effect of self -cultivation, and shape the perfect body curve.

3. Super push -funded underwear

Ultra -pushing underwear is used to tighten the part of the chest, making the curve on the chest very full, and the excellent thrust effect can improve the charm and self -confidence of women.The loose body can cover the small fat on the lower abdomen and waist, making the figure more perfect.

4. Push cup style underwear

Pushing cup style underwear is also a good match with underwear.This sexy underwear focuses on the three -dimensional cutting chest shape, which improves the plump chest shape, making the female chest lines more beautiful, and the depth and three -dimensional sense of the chest curve is richer.(Note: Be careful when choosing to push a cup of underwear.)

5. Stockings style underwear

This is a challenging sexy underwear.The most important thing about this underwear is the silk fabric used in the upper part of the pantyhose.The focus of stockings -style underwear is to show the proportion and curve of women’s waist and thighs, while also showing women’s long leg lines.


When choosing a sexy underwear, you must first choose different types of sexy underwear according to your body characteristics to achieve better dressing results.By choosing the right sexy underwear, women’s self -confidence and charm can be stimulated, and they can meet their expectations and desires to a certain extent.

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