TKU sex underwear show video


At Keelung University in Taiwan, a TKU sex underwear show hosted by the campus erotic supplies store every year.This show shows a variety of sexy and cool sexy underwear, attracting many students and sexy underwear enthusiasts to watch.

Wonderful moment

At the TKU sexy underwear show, the audience can see many amazing moments, such as the perfect figure and sexy posture shown during the model show, or the unique design and exquisite details of the underwear.Some of these special moments have made the atmosphere climax, which is unforgettable.

Underwear style

On the TKU sex underwear show, many different styles of sexy underwear are displayed, including bra, underwear, body underwear, bellyband, etc., and many sets, such as maid dress, student girls, nurses, etc.Color underwear dazzled the audience.

design style

The design style of sexy underwear is different. On the TKU sex underwear show, some underwear design is simple and refreshing, and some are particularly strange.Spend.

Model performance

The models on the TKU sex underwear show are very good. They smile, confident and decent when they walk around the show, and have a very beautiful body posture, which makes people feel their confidence and pride in underwear.These models come from different hospitals. Some people have many years of model experience. Their professional performance has won applause and applause from the audience.


At the scene of the TKU sex underwear show, the atmosphere was very warm, and the audience admired each group of display with great interest, sometimes cheering and applause.Some audiences also interact with the models to take pictures with them or talk to them.


Holding the TKU sex underwear show is of profound significance.First of all, it helps to expand the students’ thoughts and vision, and broaden their understanding and understanding of sex products; second, it also increases the popularity of sex lingerie stores and increases campus culture diversity.

Enthusiast view

For sexy underwear enthusiasts, the TKU sex underwear show is a rare opportunity, allowing them to feel the beauty and sexy of the underwear at close range.They can enjoy high -quality underwear display at the scene, and also communicate with other enthusiasts to communicate with underwear and wear experiences.


For audiences of different gender, TKU sex underwear show conveys different information.For female audiences, it can help them better understand the style and design of love underwear, as well as how to choose and wear underwear; for male audiences, it is an opportunity to appreciate and appreciate the beauty of underwear.


Although sexy underwear culture is not popular, the TKU sex underwear show has attracted widespread attention with its charm and uniqueness.It shows the beauty and sexuality of sexy underwear and pass positive information through the platform inside the school.This show provided the audience with an opportunity to start exploring and appreciating sexy underwear culture.

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