Want to call a girlfriend to wear sexy underwear

Want to ask a girlfriend to wear a sexy underwear?Pay attention to these things!

Interest underwear is a sexy and charming clothing, which is usually used in various romantic occasions, sex fun and emotional occasions.However, it is not easy to ask your girlfriend to put on sexy underwear.In this article, we will introduce some precautions for you to make your plans achieve smoothly.

Understanding your girlfriend is the key

First, you need to understand your girlfriend.Each girl’s personality and physical characteristics are different, so some sexy underwear will be more suitable for them.It is very important to understand her preferences, preferences, and personality.Before calling his girlfriend to wear a fun underwear, it is important to understand whether she is eager to try or dislike such clothes.

Choose a suitable style

Choosing sexy underwear suitable for girlfriends is the key to the success of the plan.When choosing, it is recommended to start with color, material and style.If your girlfriend likes sexy and female charm, some open or semi -open design will be more suitable for them.If your girlfriend likes cute and gentle, you can choose some hanging neck or mesh design.

The size must be accurate

Size is the key to determining whether sexy underwear is fitted.Buying a size of a size or too small will not only make your girlfriend feel uncomfortable, but also will not have expectations from the visual effect.Therefore, it is important to ensure that the body size of a girlfriend accurately measures.It is necessary to determine her size so that the underwear you bought can perfectly fit her body.

Be sure to buy good quality sexy underwear

It is important to buy good quality of sexy underwear.Good erotic underwear is not only comfortable, but also not easy to wear or damage prematurely.You can start with prestigious brands. These brands usually use high -quality materials and have excellent handmade and suitable designs, so they can provide better cost -effectiveness.

The occasion is important

It is important to wear sex underwear.This kind of clothing may not be suitable for any situation, but wearing appropriate environments and occasions, it can make emotions high.You cannot force your girlfriend to wear sexy underwear on inappropriate occasions or time, and must ensure that she is willing.

Prepare more and plan in advance

Before asking your girlfriend to wear sexy underwear, making more preparation is wise.It is important to determine the formula, size and occasions, but planning in advance may make you more confident and better prepare the required accessories.

Respect your girlfriend’s decision

The most important thing is that you must respect your girlfriend’s decision.Maybe she would not be willing to put on sexy underwear, even after you did all the preparations.She couldn’t apply pressure and made her feel uncomfortable.

Take obvious and indirect ways

If you are not sure of your girlfriend’s thoughts, taking some obvious and indirect ways may be the best choice.You can watch the directory of some sexy underwear shops or watch some movies, and show her some sexy underwear you choose.This may be more desirable than direct local requirements.

Gradually expand your girlfriend’s interest

If your girlfriend likes sexy underwear, you may gradually expand her interest.You can try some different styles to push her to further accept and appreciate the selected sexy underwear.

Quickly summarize

Therefore, before asking his girlfriend to wear a fun underwear, he understands her thoughts and interests, choose a style suitable for her, ensure that the size is correct, and display on the right occasion, and finally respect her decision.Remember these key points, you will be able to achieve the plan smoothly and succeed.

Finally, don’t force her to ask her to choose voluntarily, and always respect her decision.

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