Wear sex underwear back CAO to the climax

Wear sex underwear back CAO to the climax

Wearing a sexy underwear allows you to add a fun in sexual life, not only to improve your sexy, but also bring a different pleasure experience to your partner.In this article, we will introduce you to the five main benefits of wearing sexy underwear, and focus on some special underwear styles so that you can better understand how to wear sex underwear to make you and your partner reach orgasm.

1. Improve self -confidence

Putting on sexy underwear can make you feel more beautiful and sexy, thereby improving your self -confidence.If you are not very confident in your body, wearing a sexy underwear can make you feel more beautiful and charming, so as to better enjoy sexual life.Wearing sexy underwear also helps improve self -esteem and makes you feel more confident.

2. Enhance interest

Wearing a sex lingerie to enhance the taste and intimacy between husband and wife, it is a way to increase sexual fun.The colorful and six -color characteristics of sexy underwear, a large number of styles and texture, have added a playful life, a passion, a change, and an adventure atmosphere.

3. Communicate with your partner

Wearing sexy underwear can better show your sexy and personality, and help you communicate your preferences and characteristics better with your partner, thereby adding more fun to your sexual life.You can find a underwear style suitable for you and your partner so that you can enjoy a fun life together.

4. Improve sexual pleasure

Sex underwear can stimulate your body and increase sexual pleasure.Some special sexy underwear, such as shaking underwear and wrapped underwear, allows you to experience a stronger pleasure in sex life.When you put on these underwear, you will feel that your body is more sensitive and easier to reach orgasm.

5. Increase muscle tension

Some special erotic lingerie styles, such as tight underwear, restrained underwear, etc., can increase muscle tension and elasticity, thereby improving your performance.These types of underwear make your body more compact, making you more confident and charming.

Special sexy lingerie style

1. Like sexy cat girl

Cat Girl is a very sexy underwear style, which is suitable for women who like to show their figure.It is usually composed of a tight dress and a cat helmet. Cat helmets usually contain some decorations, such as ears and eagle beaks.

2. Gorgeous dancers

Dancers are a kind of sexy lingerie style suitable for women who like to show their sexy and vibrant.It usually includes a colorful mini skirt, a short shirt and a pair of high heels, which can make you look more fierce and vibrant in bed.

3. Gorgeous feather knight

The feather knight is a gorgeous underwear style, usually includes a feather helmet, a beautiful corset and a popular skirt.This set of sexy underwear is very suitable for those who like to dress up as gorgeous.

4. Charming student uniform

Student uniforms are a popular underwear style, especially suitable for those girls who like to be naive and coquettish.Student uniforms usually include a lace decoration and a pink skirt, which can make you look both fresh and sexy.

in conclusion

Wearing a sexy lingerie to make sex life no longer boring, it can bring more pleasure and fun to you and your partner.No matter what type of underwear style you like, you can find a sexy, confident and beautiful sexy underwear that makes you feel more sexy, confident and beautiful.Try to wear sexy underwear in sexual life, you will find that this is an interesting and exciting way to make you and your partner more fun.

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