Wearing a trench coat on the outside of the clothes inside

Why is it very popular with a trench coat on the outside?

In recent years, more and more women have begun to try to wear sexy underwear in public, especially in matching. Wearing sexy underwear inside and wearing windbreakers outside has become the choice of many women.Why is this way of dressing favored?

The perfect combination of sexy underwear and trench coat

Under normal circumstances, sexy underwear is considered to be private and rarely displayed in public.But after wearing a trench coat, the beauty and sexy sexy underwear will be prominent, forming a delicate and comfortable feeling.

increase self-confidence

Women who wear sexy underwear with trench coats will look more confident.This subtle feeling made them feel more attractive, and their self -confidence also improved.

Suitable for freedom without losing a sense of beauty

Interest underwear with a windbreaker is very suitable for dating, party, nightclubs, etc. In general, women’s dress is more free in these occasions, so that women can show their charm without excessive exposure.

Show your own taste

The appearance of the appearance that does not look fancy is actually a sense of fashion, and the exposed erotic underwear can also show the taste of women.This is also the pursuit of many women wearing this match.

Flexible conversion

If you need to be solemn in public, you need to wear some normal clothing, and you need to consider your own image and occupation.In the evening, weekend, and rest days, you can try the matching method of trench coats and sexy underwear to relax and enjoy a good time.

Different types of trench coats can be paired with different types of sexy underwear

Different windbreaker styles, colors, and materials will also affect the sexy underwear.For example, the erotic lingerie of the tassel and ruffled edges can be paired with a darker trench coat, while the flower -style sexy underwear can be paired with elegant color trench coat.

Don’t forget the comfort

When choosing sexy underwear and trench coats, you must pay attention to comfort.If you choose too tight or overweight underwear because you pay too much attention, it will affect the comfort, and the whole dress will make people feel uncomfortable.

Not suitable for everyone

Although windbreaker and sexy underwear are favored by many women in recent years, they are not suitable for everyone.For example, women with a little older and full body, wearing a trench coat on the outside of sexy underwear, may not have a good effect.

Combined with personal atmosphere

For every woman, you should try to find the sexy underwear that suits you best.Some women are suitable for fresh and elegant systems, while others are suitable for sexy and domineering.Adjusting the style of wearing and cooperating with your own temperament will have a more colorful effect.


In general, the way to wear sex underwear and trench coats has become a preference for many women in recent years.This combination not only retains women’s softness and sexy, but also adds a sense of fashion, making women more confident and attractive.

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