Wearing sex underwear is a seductive boss

Wearing sex underwear is a seductive boss

In recent years, with the improvement of social openness, sexy underwear has become a symbolic clothing.It not only makes women more sexy and charming, but also improves self -image and enhances self -confidence.In some occasions, wearing sexy underwear can also be used as a means of temptation, such as temptation.The following will introduce the techniques of wearing a sexual underwear temptation.

Purchase of sexy underwear

Before preparing to wear sexy underwear temptation, you must first buy a sexy underwear that suits you.There are many styles and types of sexy sexy underwear, such as sexy lace bra, perspective underwear, jackets and fun outfits.Different figures and character are suitable for different sexy underwear. It is very important to choose suitable sexy underwear according to your own situation.

suitable size

Pay attention to the appropriate size when wearing sex underwear, do not choose too tight or too loose.If it is too loose, the degree of interesting underwear on the body will be reduced, and the shape of the body will be greatly reduced.If it is too tight, not only is it uncomfortable to wear, but the meat on the body is squeezed out, but it will look bloated and unsightly.Therefore, you must pay attention to the size selection when buying.

Color choice

When wearing a sexual underwear temptation, the choice of color is also important.Generally speaking, red is a representative color of sexy and tempting, which is suitable for showing people’s unrestrained and enthusiastic personality traits.Black can give people a sense of mystery and solemnness, which is suitable for a mystery and more introverted temperament.Sexy underwear of different colors can be used to express different personality traits.

Choice of matching

When mating with sexy underwear, pay attention to the matching with other clothing.For example, a thin and lightweight skirt with lace three -point underwear is more sexy, but if it is paired with black thick sole boots, it looks very charming and erotic, it is not appropriate.Not only does it have no temptation effect, it is easy to cause the boss’s resentment.Be sure to pay attention to the appropriate combination to make yourself more sexy.

Confidence and nature

Wearing sex lingerie also pays attention to self -confidence and nature. This self -confidence and nature comes from recognition of itself.If you pay too much attention to the appearance, in order to pursue praise and suppress your nature, you will let your boss see your uncomfortableness, and you will lose your favor or even disgusting.Therefore, when wearing sexy underwear, the natural state of physical and mental state is the most attractive.

Eloquence and expression

When wearing a sexy underwear temptation, mouth and expressiveness are also critical.You can predict the language of temptation and self -cultivation.Of course, excessive or aggressive words are not desirable. You need to know how to keep your boss with a smile and pleasant emotion at the right time point.At the same time, you also need to learn to use soft words to express your own ideas.

Pay attention to field control skills

In addition to paying attention to online interaction, boss -seductive bosses are also very important for offline communication.In the occasion, the body language and some small details can play a considerable role.For example, when speaking, pay attention to watching each other with your eyes, slight gesture performance, smile and tiny limb movements.These attention points are very important field control skills.

Don’t be too tempting

Although sexy underwear can attract men with its sexy and seductive effects, do not seduce their bosses too much.Excessive sexy underwear or performance will be counterproductive and reduce your boss’s evaluation of you, not to improve.Therefore, it is very important to grasp the size.

For aftermath of successful temptation

In the case where the boss is attracted by his sexy, it is important to note that in the subsequent daily work, you must be cautious and expressive in dialect and deeds.The elegant image of the boss keeps your impression of you unchanged or further.


In short, there are many aspects that wearing sexy underwear temptations to pay attention to and need to be grasped well.Starting from choice for sexy underwear, to wearing matching, confident performance, and communication control field control and detail performance, you need to pay attention.The use of these techniques can really improve your temptation effect.

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