Wearing sexy underwear chest is particularly flat

Wearing sexy underwear chest is particularly flat

Interesting underwear is a must -have item for modern women. It can not only enhance the sex life, but also improve the figure.But sometimes after wearing sexy underwear, I find that my chest has become particularly flat. Why?Let’s take a look today.

1. Fabric selection

There are many types of fabrics in erotic underwear. Common ones are velvet, silk, lace, etc.None of these fabrics provide enough support and support, so girls with flat -chests should choose materials with strong support functions when choosing sexy underwear, such as sponge and silicone.

2. Size selection

The choice of sexy underwear size is particularly important. When the size is larger, the size of the chest will cause the chest to sag. If the choice is small, the chest front is not enough.It is recommended to choose a size that suits you, and you can refer to the size of the size table when you encounter non -standard size.

3. Underwear type

Different types of erotic underwear have different covering and support for the chest.For example, presented a classic strap -style sexy underwear may make the shape more slender, but it does not necessarily make the chest look fuller.In contrast, sexy underwear with obvious thick design has higher parcels and support.

4. Specific styles

Although the overall design with the effect of wrapping power and support effect is more suitable, in terms of the choice of specific styles, it can also be adjusted according to the personal shape and needs.For example, just want to make the chest look more quite quite quite, then you can choose a loose style. This style can improve the chest shape well.

5. Shoulder strap design

When choosing a sexy underwear, we also need to pay attention to the design of the shoulder straps. The length and width of the high -quality material and the length and width suitable for our shoulders can make the chest more upright.The erotic underwear with too thin shoulder straps can not only effectively support the chest, but also cause bad pressure on the shoulders and backs.

6. Bra cup

Some sexy underwear is flexible, and the cup can be added with sponge.When wearing, you can refer to the effect of adding sponge and without sponge so that you can confirm the best underwear.

7. Abdominal design

The abdomen design of sexy underwear is also worthy of attention.Some erotic underwear abdomen adopts waist design. After putting it on, the flesh will be collected, but after the waist is too tight, it will cause abdominal pain, which will affect the fun life and wearing comfort.

8. Moderate elasticity

The elastic design of sexy underwear requires sufficient appropriateness.Excessive tight design will not only cause chest deformation, but also affect the normal breathing of the body.Excessive loose design will also cause major losses to the texture and wrapping.

9. Color selection

Color is also one of the important attributes of sexy underwear.Different skin tones, different needs, and suitable color choices are also different.Girls with white skin tone can be paired with light -colored beautiful sexy underwear such as yellow, pink, sky blue.Women with dark complexion can choose dark products more suitable.

10. Indoor lights

In the end, I want to remind the environment of the environment when the sexy lingerie is wearing.The shadow that may disappear on the chest on the chest, but in the case of sufficient indoor light, the situation will be very different. The warm color of the light and the high -bright environment will also affect our visual experience.

Viewpoint: Do not blindly pursue styles in sexy underwear. You should pay more attention to the actual effects and internal quality of the underwear. In a good purchase and wearing environment, you can feel the most comfortable clothing style and style.

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