What are the ladies men’s love underwear brands?

A brand overview

Women’s men’s sexy underwear is a new concept of marketing in recent years. Its design style is novel and unique. The people who are aimed at are a group of people who pursue high -quality life, have demand for interesting life, and pursue.Common brands are: Venus, Playboy, Smile Bread, Shang Meili, Clicquot Club, Victoria’s Secrets.


Ladies’ male love underwear is mainly divided into three types: sexy temptation series, sex flirting series, daily comfortable series.Among them, the sexy temptation series is the perfect performance of women in terms of charm, aesthetics, and sexy, and the fun and flirting series is the best tool for the beginning of fun.The daily comfort series is a home or practical sexy underwear.

Sexy temptation series

The sexy temptation series of sexy underwear is mostly high -quality and sexy lace material. Common colors are red, black, white, pink, etc. After wearing it, the body’s beautiful curve is displayed vividly.Victoria’s Secret and Huahua Gongzi brands are both popular sexy temptation series brands.

Love Fasting Series

The fun and flirting series of sexy underwear mainly highlights sexual tricks. Through special design, it adds the pleasure and enthusiasm of sex. It uses classic black, red and sexy transparent materials to help the spouse to increase interest.Venus and Smile Bread are more well -known brands in the sexual flirting series of underwear brands.

Daily comfort series

The daily comfortable series of sexy underwear is created for daily wear. The main characteristics are comfortable. Many brands on the market now have similar styles.It is comfortable to wear, natural, and it is not easy to affect the trajectory of normal life.Soft silk and other fabrics are the most common.

Price analysis

The price of ladies is different due to different brands, materials, and styles.Generally speaking, in a brand, the cost performance of different colors of the same style is not much different, but the brand’s sexy lingerie is often much higher than other underwear.For example, Victoria’s secrets of different colors of sexy underwear price range are about $ 50-100, compared with other brands.

Brand recommendation

For different people, there are different brand recommendations:

Women who pursue sexy and quality: Victoria’s Secret.

Brand with Japanese characteristics: Venus.

Women who focus on fashion, quality and personality: Smile bread.

Men and women who love black styles, focus on effects and change moods: Clicquot Club.

Men who pay attention to quality and design: Playboy.

Men and women who pursue super cost -effective: still beautiful.

Maintenance advice

Women’s male love underwear is made of special fabric materials, so it is even more important for usual maintenance.Wash your hands before washing. Do not have too high water temperature, it is better not to machine.Do not deform when the sun is dry when dry, but dry it with shading.


When women’s men’s failed underwear is given, especially for customers who have requirements for colors, they need to pay attention to different settings, pictures received by different devices or transmission lines may be slightly different. If they are very concerned about the color, you need to consult customer service or use it.More stringent product color printing.

market trend

As a new product, women’s male love underwear has a larger market share.With the improvement of people’s requirements for sex and taste, more and more attention to sexuality and sexuality, more and more types of sexy underwear brands.Family sexual needs make the sexy underwear market down. For life brands, sex lingerie is a new direction of market development.


Women’s male sexy underwear has become synonymous with fashion and fashion, and for young people, various types of sexy underwear are necessary.If you have n’t bought sexy underwear for a period of time, then you may wish to choose a daily -use underwear first, start with comfort, build your own underwear brand, and then choose a sexy underwear that is more suitable for you according to your emotional needs.

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