What do boys think of sexy underwear

What do boys think of sexy underwear

Sex underwear is a clothing that allows women to add sexy and charm.However, what exactly do boys think of sexy underwear?In this article, we will explore erotic underwear from the perspective of boys and provide some suggestions for women.

1. Sexy underwear as a gift

Gifts are important, whether it is a partner or a friend.Of course, sexy underwear can be given as a gift.When choosing gifts, boys should choose the styles and colors that girls like, and they must pay attention to sizes and other problems.

2. Tool for adding fun

For some boys who like to try sex new feelings, sexy underwear is really a good choice.It can add fun to the sex process, which is conducive to improving sexual life between couples.

3. The problem of sexy and cute balance

There are many design styles of sexy underwear, some emphasize sexy, and some emphasize cuteness.When choosing sexy underwear, boys should consider the personality and temperament of girls and choose the style that is consistent with it.The important thing is to maintain a sexy and cute balance.

4. Respect the choice of women

Boys should not publish or criticize women’s wear.Women have their own aesthetics and have the right to choose their favorite sexy underwear.Boys should respect women’s choices and support their ideas and feelings in sex.

5. Wear on appropriate occasions

Interest underwear can play a role in adding fun, but wearing different situations has different effects.Boys should encourage girls to wear sexy underwear, such as Valentine’s Day or anniversary, but also pay attention to whether the occasion is appropriate.

6. Don’t let sex underwear replace gender hobbies

Interest underwear is just a decoration and should not be emphasized too much.Boys should pay attention to the interaction and key in the process of sex, rather than emphasizing the role of sexy underwear too much.

7. How to choose the size

The choice of size is a question that both boys and girls should notice.Women’s body size and erotic underwear are not necessarily completely consistent. Boys should pay more attention when selecting, so as not to select the wrong size by mistake.

8. Brand and price relationship

The brand and price of sexy underwear are also factor that boys need to consider.For brands, boys should choose some highly praised brands.For the price, boys should choose the appropriate price range according to their economic conditions and their girlfriends.

9. The role of boys’ upper body underwear

Boys wearing underwear can also play a role in adding fun.Many boys like to wear sexy underwear to make girls feel more male charm.

10. Effect on sex attitude

The importance of boys’ views and attitudes to sex cannot be underestimated.They should try new toys and new body positions together.Only two people affirm and support each other together can sexual life be healthier and satisfactory.

in conclusion:

Boys’ attitudes and opinions on sexy underwear are many aspects.They both pay attention to problems such as styles, colors, prices, but also value the impact of sexy underwear on sex life.In any case, you should respect the choice of women and actively explore more fun with them.

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