What do you say when you buy sexy underwear

Title: What to say when you buy sexy underwear

With the development of society, more and more women have begun to accept and try sexy underwear.And when you buy a sexy underwear, how can you share this surprise with your partner?Let’s talk about it below.

Paragraph 1: Prepare psychological preparation

Buying sexy underwear is a kind of attempt, and sharing it with your partner also needs some courage and psychological preparation.If you are worried about the opponent’s response, you can notify the other party to share before sharing, and see the other party’s response.At the same time, we must avoid this surprise when the other person’s spirit or body is tired.

Paragraph 2: Find the right time

There are actually many reasons to buy sexy underwear. Maybe you want to increase your interest or make a surprise.When sharing with each other, pay attention to the right time.It is best to choose a moment when both of them are more excited and happy, such as enjoying romantic candlelight dinner or at party.

Paragraph 3: Slowly expand the topic

Before sharing, you can talk to the other party about the topic of sexy underwear, and you can draw this topic by asking the other party’s thoughts or views.After the other party expresses a certain interest, bring the sexy underwear into the dialogue.

Paragraph 4: Don’t be too exciting

When sharing, avoid too irritating or explicit.You can let the other party guess or guess, and show it a little bit.Do not make the other party feel at a loss.

Paragraph 5: Give full play to your imagination

You can use your imagination when sharing, such as wearing sexy underwear to play some characters or themes.This can make the atmosphere more interesting, increase interaction and creativity.

Paragraph 6: Don’t force it

Before sharing, you must clear your own intentions and don’t let the other party misunderstand or feel forced.The purpose of sharing is to increase interest and fun, rather than increase stress and burden.

Paragraph 7: Respect the other party’s thoughts

Share sex underwear also requires the idea of the other party.If the other party is not interested or does not want to try, respects the other person’s choice, others can try but can not try. This is a problem of personal preference.

Paragraph 8: Maintain a good relationship

Finally, remember that sharing sex underwear is not all in the relationship.No matter whether the other party accepts it, it must maintain a good relationship.Before sharing, it is recommended to determine the basis of the relationship before trying sexy underwear.


Share sex underwear is not a simple matter. There are many aspects, such as psychological preparation, timing, method, and so on.But the most important thing is to respect each other’s wishes and maintain a good relationship.Share sex underwear itself is not all related. I hope everyone can maintain good emotional communication and interaction while trying sex underwear.

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