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What is the average of sexy underwear?

Fun underwear average refers to a underwear size system that can adapt to a variety of figures. Compared with the traditional S/M/L/XL and other size standards, it is more flexible.Generally, the height range of the average of sexy underwear is 150-180 cm, and the weight range is 40-70 kg.This average design can get a better dressing experience, more comfortable and comfortable.

The advantages of sexy underwear average code

Compared with traditional size standards, the average sexual code of sex underwear has many advantages. First of all, it reduces the embarrassment and troubles caused by the inappropriate size.Because the size is usually only two types and PLUS SIZE, consumers do not have to worry too much about buying errors and do not need to think too much about size.Secondly, the average characteristics of sexy underwear are more wearing and universal, and it is suitable for people with different figures to wear, thereby expanding the brand’s customer group.In addition, the average number of erotic underwear is the main area of the youth market, which is in line with the youth fashion aesthetic and shopping habits.

Choose the main point of the average code of sexy lingerie

You need to pay attention to the following aspects of choosing the average of sexy underwear:

It is recommended to clarify your body scale first, and do not blindly pursue the wearing effect and relax the consideration of the size;

Choose high elastic materials to adapt to a variety of figures and meet the needs of freedom, comfort, and elasticity;

When buying, pay attention to the credibility of the brand, and avoid the purchase of inferior products to cause health threats;

Try to choose the brand of worry -free after -sales when buying, and deal with quality issues in a timely manner.

Fun underwear average style

The average design of sex underwear is varied, has a variety of styles, and has many special designs.For example, hollow design reveals dynamic and mysterious, unique tailoring lines with translucent materials, giving the image of wisdom and mature, showing sexy and charm.At the same time, diverse colors, stamps and styles allow women to have more space and time to find their favorite styles and types when choosing.In addition, the average style also has colorful accessories, including lace decoration, hip raising and front clip, which makes women show elegance and beauty when wearing.

Basic style of sexy underwear average

The basic style of sexy underwear average includes::

Dress -style sexy underwear: Usually used for sex occasions, showing a more sexy and enchanting side of women;

Open back sexy underwear: Design has unique visual effects, showing beautiful back lines;

Lace erotic underwear: sexy, natural, and well -dressed effect;

Hollow -out erotic lingerie: The sharp design makes the curve more wonderful, sexy and soft.

The difference between the average and Plus Size

Plus Size was launched on the basis of average. The purpose is to meet the needs of some fatter people. We often say that the large size women’s clothing is Plus Size, and the average size is small than Plus Size.The fewer numbers are adapted within the range of weight.Plus Size has a difference in size and conventional size design in size system design. The effect of weight loss shaping is better, suitable for wearers who want to wrap the body.In contrast, the average code emphasizes comfort and freedom, and focuses on adapting to the needs of people in different body.

What type of people are suitable for wearing a fun underwear?

The average sex lingerie is aimed at the young people’s market. It is suitable for female consumers of different ages, different heights, and different weight. As long as they want to show the sexy side, give full play to charm, and create sexual interest, they can choose.The flexibility and versatility of the interesting underwear, so that anyone can find the underwear that suits them, especially young women who are not yet experienced are more suitable for choosing sexy underwear average.

Falling underwear average method of wear

When you wear the aversion of sexy underwear, you need to pay attention to the following points:

Choose your favorite style and type;

Change your underwear every day;

Look at the cleaning logo before washing, and correct the washing method correctly;

Pay attention to wear time to avoid wearing for too long, leading to discomfort and hygiene issues.

Market prospects of sexy underwear average

The average erotic underwear can adapt to women with different figures, especially young women, and their market prospects are very broad.Traditional size standards limit the space for many consumers, and the average code is more flexible, can meet different needs, thereby winning more and more consumers.In the market, more and more sexy lingerie brands have begun to design average. With the continuous improvement of commercial marketing methods, the increasing number of interesting underwear brands, and the market space will also expand.


Fun underwear average is a popular size standard on the current market. It is a underwear design with a very large market prospect.When consumers buy the average size of sexy lingerie, they need to pay attention to their figure size and choose their favorite style and type.We believe that with the continuous expansion of the market and the continuous improvement of business models, the number and scale of the average number of sexual underwear brands will continue to grow.

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