What does three points of sexy underwear mean

What is sexy underwear three points?

In the field of sexy underwear, what does it often hear the word "sexy underwear"? What does it mean?The answer is simple. The three -point sex underwear refers to the combination of bra, T -shaped pants and hanging sticks. They are often used to match sexy sexy underwear.

Types of bra

The bra is an essential one of the three points of sexy underwear, and the type is also very rich.Common bras include flat cups, 3/4 cups, full cups, etc.In addition, there are motion, clustering, peace, and adjustment according to functional types.

T -shaped pants design

In addition to the three -point combination of sexy underwear, T -shaped pants are also a very sexy underwear when wearing it alone.In terms of design, there are two types of T -shaped pants: high waist and low waist. The design with different widths in front is also very unique.

Matching of Hanging Stockings

As part of three points of sexy underwear, hanging stockings is also a very important part.With high heels, it can greatly emphasize the slender beautiful legs of women and create a temptation effect.

Three -point matching skills of sexy underwear

When the combination of sexy underwear is three points, you need to pay attention to the following skills:

The color and style of the bra need to be coordinated with T -shaped pants and hanging sticks to form an overall beauty.

The material of bra and T -shaped pants can be the same or similar, which can form a unified feeling.

For people who are not good at wearing high heels, you can choose some shoes that are highly high.

The applicable scene of three points of sex underwear

What scenarios are suitable for sex underwear?Generally speaking, this set of underwear is more suitable for special days at home or Valentine’s Day.Of course, if women are confident, daily wear is also possible.

How to choose three points of sexy underwear

When choosing a sexy underwear three points, you need to pay attention to the following points:

Choose a bra that suits your bust, don’t be too tight or too relaxed.

Don’t choose too tightly T -shaped pants, otherwise it will affect the comfort of wearing.

For hanging stockings, you can consider choosing better quality stockings, so that you can wear more comfortable and longer life.

Falling underwear three -point maintenance

It is also very important for the maintenance of sexy underwear:

You need to pay attention to hand washing, and do not wash it with a washing machine.

Use a dedicated laundry solution or soap for cleaning.

Avoid using hot water cleaning and avoid excessive rubbing.

Avoid direct sunlight when drying, you can dry in a ventilated place.

The price of three points of sex underwear

The price of three points of sex underwear is usually higher than the sexy underwear of the single product.According to the different factors such as brands, materials, and design, the price difference is large.Some low -cost sexy underwear is usually poor in three points, and it is not recommended to buy.

in conclusion

Three points of sexy underwear are used as a combination of underwear, which requires the cooperation of three parts: bra, T -shaped pants and hanging sticks.Pay attention to quality, color, price and other factors when buying.Although it is not suitable for wearing too formal occasions, it is a very suitable choice in special occasions such as family or Valentine’s Day.

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