What will he think about sending a boyfriend’s sexy underwear?

What will he think about sending a boyfriend’s sexy underwear?

As a girlfriend or wife, sending a boyfriend or husband’s underwear seems to be an unusual gift choice.Especially in sexy underwear, it is easy to worry about unnecessary misunderstandings or troubles.So, is it appropriate to send a boyfriend’s sexy underwear?What would he think?This article will use this as the theme to analyze this topic for you and provide expert suggestions.

1. Clear your motivation

Before considering the choice of gifts, first think about your motivation to send your boyfriend’s sexy underwear.Is it because you want to see him put on such underwear, or because you want to improve your quality of sex?If it is the former, then such a gift may cause his uncomfortable feeling.Therefore, to ensure that your intention is positive, bringing joy and fun to the other party.

2. Determine his taste

Everyone has different aesthetic viewpoints and preferences for sexy underwear. Therefore, when choosing a gift, you must consider it carefully to understand his preferences and preferences for sexy underwear.Consider the style and color of his favorite style, and the texture of the fabric, and what effect he hopes to achieve this underwear.

3. Gifts in time and moderate in time

Gift time and occasion are also important factor.If he is a conservative person or your relationship has just begun, sending sex underwear may make him feel uneasy.Therefore, make a decision after evaluating the timing and situation of gift giving.

4. The quality is too strong

No matter what gifts are given, it is necessary to ensure that the quality is excellent and worth it.Interest underwear is no exception. Make sure to choose high -quality fabrics and fine production, so as to make the other party feel your intentions and care.

5. Cooperate with the atmosphere and scene

If you choose to send your boyfriend’s sexy underwear on an important holiday or anniversary, you may wish to coordinate the gift with the atmosphere and scene on the day.For example, you can arrange some elements such as candles, petals, music, and create a warm and romantic, fun environment.

6. Emphasize the time together

In addition to the erotic underwear itself, you can add your own special text or special appreciation to him to emphasize the importance and preciousness of your time together.Although this is not an inherent element on the sexy underwear, it can make your relationship closer.

7. Pay attention to the form is better than the substance

Sometimes, fun underwear does not necessarily need to be worn. It may be more like a symbol or symbol, a meaning.Therefore, in the process of sending a boyfriend’s sexy underwear, you can pay attention to the sense of mystery and ambiguousness, without having to emphasize the substantial erotic content.

8. Accept his response

Finally, giving gifts is not unilateral, but to consider the opponent’s reaction.Accept the boyfriend’s response and be patient and understand, so that they can respect and care for them.

in conclusion:

Overall, sending fun underwear to her boyfriend is an exciting, interesting, and closer gift and behavior.The key is to maintain moderate and respect, and to grasp the timing and atmosphere of gifts.After all, this is a private gift that needs to be treated with caution, bringing more benefits and a better experience to both parties.

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