Where does the sexy underwear buy in?

Introduction to sex underwear purchase channels

As a sexy underwear expert, it is very important for a reasonable and stable sexy underwear to get good sales performance in the market.But for most people, I don’t know where to purchase sex underwear.Here, I will introduce you to a few optional sex underwear purchase channels to help you buy better.

Factory/Wholesale Market

If you want to get a relatively cost -effective price, it is recommended to choose to buy in the sexy underwear manufacturer or wholesale market.The price advantage of factories and wholesale markets is obvious. Although some brand agents may refuse the transaction because of their small purchase volume, as long as they have a certain purchase skills, the price can definitely get a large discount.

Brand agent

If you want to buy some big brands and do not want to learn all the production processes, then choose a brand agent.Brand agents generally have multiple brands to sell sexy underwear. Because of the support of the brand, some of the more popular underwear products also have certain advantages.However, brand agents are more expensive than the wholesale market and factories in terms of price.

Online e -commerce

With the rise and rapid development of the Internet, the online e -commerce sex underwear purchase model has become very convenient.Whether it is a brand agency, factories, and wholesale markets, there are their own e -commerce platforms or entering online e -commerce platforms.There are many suppliers on the online e -commerce platform. If it is not operated properly, it is almost difficult to judge whether it is genuine or a "cottage version" underwear, so it takes more attention to online purchase.However, the purchase of online e -commerce is relatively easy to operate, saving the intermediate link, and the price is more affordable.

Small store

If you want to open a sexy underwear store, then you need to choose a small store with value.The characteristics of this shop are exquisite stores and excellence in decoration.Such shops generally have their own original or foundries, which can be purchased from the factory at any time, and they are more advantageous in terms of popularity and competition.

China Merchants Join

If you want to take the line of agents, it is recommended to choose a good brand to join.Suppliers joining the brand agent sometimes are sometimes limited, but due to the support of the brand’s franchise, the initial risk is relatively small, and the supply is more guaranteed.However, as a franchisee, you need to face high franchise costs and high fixed costs.

Participate in the exhibition

Participating in the exhibition is also a choice for sex underwear to purchase.There are many brands and rich varieties. Generally, many manufacturers and brand manufacturers are attended. They can directly face the brand and manufacturers and understand the latest developments in the market.As a member of the sexy underwear industry, you can not only learn about related products, but also enhance the exchanges between people in the industry.

Join the sex underwear association

Joining the Sex Underwear Association is also a good choice.The association is the veteran industry media. With the accidents of public welfare activities and the Influence of the Fun underwear, it has gradually won the attention of more people.Manufacturers and agents joining the association can get more information and resources in the sex underwear industry to jointly promote the healthy development of the entire market industry.

Find market segments to buy

Segment market segment is a market segment model that can handle the characteristics of all people and people.If you can understand some specific market segments, such as niche pits, large pits, the needs of the general supplier, and buying with customer needs, this purchase method is not only sensitive, but also targeted.Acknowledge.


Through the above introduction, I believe you have a preliminary understanding of the purchase channels of sexy underwear.Among them, factories/wholesale markets and online e -commerce are more advantageous. The successful business representatives of brand agents and franchisees have better brand support, while visiting exhibitions and joining the Funwee Underwear Association can fully understand more market developments.However, it should be noted that it is critical to accurately grasp the purchase channels, otherwise it may bring quality problems and economic losses. It is best to select the corresponding purchase method according to the actual situation.

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