Where is the sexy lingerie wearing it?

Choose a suitable way of washing

Sex underwear is a special clothing that requires a special way of washing.Generally speaking, choosing hand washing or choosing a professional dry cleaning shop is a better choice.Especially for the sexy underwear containing fibers such as silk, cashmere, lace, and metal parts, it is necessary to use a professional way to clean it.

Use the correct detergent

For the detergent of sexy underwear, it is best to choose a mild phosphorus -free and fragrant laundry.Too exciting chemical ingredients have certain damage to fiber materials and metal parts.If you find that there are very stubborn stains on the sexy underwear, you can choose an oxygen -containing bleach.

Pay attention to separate washing

It is recommended that sexy underwear and other clothing are washed separately, especially to avoid placing with sticky wool or sticky clothing.At the same time, washing sealing is also important.Putting sex underwear in the laundry bag or wrap it with a towel is better.

Hand washing steps and precautions

The specific steps of hand -washing sexy underwear are: 1. The quotation underwear category to be washed in the level is classified; 2. Put a mild detergent in the basin to fully dissolve; 3. Put the sexy underwear into the pot for 10-20 minutes; 4. Gently rub it, but too hard; 5. Rinse it with water multiple times; 6. Gently twist it. Do not rub it hard and twist it will cause the sexy underwear to deform and affect the beauty;Essence

Professional washing store washing precautions

Wash the sexy underwear in a professional washing store, to inform the staff in advance the information of the fabric, color, and washing method of sexy underwear.After handing the underwear to the staff, keep the delivery document.In addition, you must choose a reputable washing shop to ensure the washing and protection of underwear.


Pay attention to some points when dried in sexy underwear: 1. Dry in good ventilation places; 2. Avoid direct sunlight. Do not use solar dryers and other electrical equipment for drying; 3. Do not dry or contact high temperature at high temperature at high temperatures.Items; 4. Do not throw it to the drying of the machine; 5. Finally, it needs to be properly organized to restore it to the original form, which can look more neat and beautiful.

How to maintain sexy underwear

Normally maintenance is also very important. You can buy a special storage box or use a sealed bag to save sexy underwear.Pay attention to the isolation of underwear and other items to avoid adhesion.In addition, it is also necessary to replace sex underwear regularly.

Wrong washing method

The following kinds of washing methods are not recommended: 1. Use skin care, shampoo and other non -laundry refinement to clean the sexy underwear.2. Wash it a few times and put them together.3. Turn it up with rubber bands.4. Dry.5. Iron.These methods will cause damage to sexy underwear, shorten the life, and may even affect the comfort and sanitation of wearing.

The shelf life of sexy underwear

The shelf life of sexy underwear will vary depending on the brand, quality, material, frequency frequency, etc., generally 12-24 months, which can be adjusted according to the situation.Of course, if damage, color loss, fading, deformation, etc. occur, it needs to be replaced in time.

in conclusion

In terms of sexy underwear, we need to pay special attention to wearing and cleaning maintenance.Correct, gentle, and professional washing sexy underwear is very important for comfort, beauty and hygiene.I hope this article can help you to better protect your sexual and erotic lingerie.

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