Wife’s experience of buying sexy underwear


Recently, my wife has become interested in sexy underwear. She watched a lot of sexy underwear about sexy, gender, Europe and the United States, etc. on the Internet, and decided to buy some to try.From the perspective of professional knowledge, I helped her choose and buy the sexy underwear that was most suitable for her, and shared this shopping experience.

Understand your size

It is critical to choose a size suitable for you. It is best to measure your bust, waist and hips.The size of different brands may be different, so it is best to refer to their size table first.It is recommended to choose a fitted underwear. Don’t be too tight nor too loose.

Choose suitable materials

The material of sexy underwear directly affects the comfort of wearing and the quality of the underwear.Generally speaking, high -quality erotic underwear uses comfortable, soft and breathable fabrics.Common materials include silk, lace, fiber and cotton.For people with sensitive skin, it is more suitable to choose natural cotton or silk fabrics.

Learn the style

The style of sex lingerie is different, and it feels different.Some styles are more sexy, while others are sweeter.Perspective models, split models and hollow models have their own characteristics. Different people have different preferences and needs.It is recommended to choose a style that suits you to cooperate with your temperament and figure.

Consider color

When choosing sexy underwear, color is also an important aspect.Dark -colored underwear can highlight sexy and mysterious sense, while light colors are more suitable for daily wear.There are also some bright colors, such as red and pink, more sexy and hot.Considering your skin color, choosing the right color will better show your beauty.

Avoid inappropriate underwear styles

Underwear is also very important. The effects of different underwear styles are also different, so you must also buy different styles according to your body.For people with a belly, choosing a middle or high waist style can better modify the figure.For those with a perfect waist curve, you can choose a low -waist style.

Choose suitable occasions

Although sexy underwear has a different feeling to wear, it is not suitable for all occasions.Especially in terms of hygiene and safety, you need to pay special attention to it. It is not suitable for wearing sexy underwear during swimming and exercise activities.

the way of buying

There are many purchase channels for sex underwear. You can choose to buy online or physical stores.It is more convenient to buy online, and there are many promotional activities and offers, but you need to pay attention to whether it meets your needs in terms of size and material.Purchasing physical stores can better understand the quality and comfort of underwear.

Price and cost -effective

The price of sexy underwear is different due to the brand, material, style and other factors. Generally speaking, the low price of sexy underwear fabrics may not be good, while the high prices are more sophisticated.However, the price does not represent quality or cost -effectiveness. We need to analyze the situation and choose the situation.

Experience and Effect

After buying a suitable sexy underwear, we also need to try and experience according to our needs and characteristics.In addition to improving self -confidence and enhancing sex life, sexy underwear also has the effects of body and health care.We need to understand the effects and applicable scenes of underwear in order to truly experience the beauty of sexy underwear.

at last

In general, the choice of sexy underwear needs to be considered according to your preferences, figures, and occasions.I hope that this article can help those who want to buy sexy underwear, choose the underwear that suits them, and stimulate more fun in life.At the same time, we must also treat sexy underwear from a personal perspective, respect the body and others, and make reasonable use of the benefits brought by good -looking lingerie.

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