Wife’s predecessor left a sexy underwear


Interest underwear is an indispensable part of modern couples.They can add a fun to private occasions, and make your sex life more colorful.However, when your partner once had an ex -party, the sexy underwear she left would become your psychological burden.Below we will provide you with some response strategies.

This is not a personal problem

First, don’t think you are an exception.Many people have jealous or psychological discomfort about their partners’ predecessors.Although this situation is a bit uncomfortable, it does not mean that the person you love does not love you or does not try to forget the past.

The priority is to communicate

It is important to communicate with your partner.Tell me frankly and let her understand your pain.However, don’t quarrel with her, and don’t complain about her, because she has had a relationship with her predecessor, which is an irreversible fact.

Look from another angle

You can try to look at the erotic underwear left by his predecessor from another angle.They are just things. If you can change your views on these items, you can feel relaxed and happy.Take them as a sexy sex game prop, not the embodiment of your partner and his predecessor.

Consider the processing method

You can consider letting your partner handle sexy underwear left by his predecessor in some way, such as donating to charitable organizations, selling or throwing it directly.However, before taking action, you must negotiate with your partner to ensure that he will not hurt her feelings.

Choose a try on or not try it on

If you don’t mind trying to penetrate these sexy underwear, then try it directly.Or let your partner wear them and show you again.This allows you to find your trust in your partner, and at the same time you can increase the freshness of sex.

You can also choose not to touch

Or, you can choose not to touch any items related to your predecessor, especially sexy underwear.Doing this can protect your own mental health and avoid any negative emotions.

Don’t be trapped in excessive thinking

When dealing with the sexy underwear left by the predecessor, don’t think too much, and don’t let them be the main problem in your life.People always have past, and past experiences will shape a person.Your partner and his predecessor’s sex life are also one of them.If you stay in the past emotions, you will only waste time.

Believe in the love between you

Finally, believe in the love between you.You are together because you are in love, and you are willing to make compromises for each other.It is just a small problem to solve the problem of sexy underwear left by his predecessor. As long as you face it together, there will be a satisfactory solution.

in conclusion

No matter what method you choose to deal with the sexy underwear left by his predecessor, the most important thing is to communicate and negotiate with your partner.When it comes to your feelings, don’t forget that they are the most important.Believe in the love between you, and believe that you can solve any problems.

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