Will sex underwear be worn many times many times?

The most common sexy lingerie materials

Interest underwear is a costume designed for enhancing sexual life experience.You can see the label inside the sexy underwear with a bra, underwear or bray cup.The label will list the ingredients of the underwear and the recommended cleaning method.The most common materials include:





How to clean sex underwear

In order to maintain sexy and durability of sexy underwear, you need to clean them correctly.This is some techniques to keep sexy underwear cleaning:

Complete when cleaning according to the instructions on the label

Use warm water when washing the sexy underwear, cold water will shrink the polyester fiber

Do not use bleach to clean the sexy underwear, bleaching agents will destroy lace and cotton fabric

Don’t put the sexy underwear in the dryer, the air is better dry

Sexy underwear styling corresponds to different styles

There are several different shapes in the sexy underwear series, and each shape has its unique purpose and appearance.You can choose different styles of sexy underwear according to your needs, including:


Shaping underwear



Tulle perspective

Interesting underwear number: How to find the appropriate size

When choosing a sexy underwear, the size is one of the most important factor.Different brands of underwear may have different size measurement methods. Finding the underwear size that suits you requires some trials.Here are some simple techniques to find the appropriate sexy underwear size:

Reference brand size guide

Try to observe the material and elasticity of the underwear before trying it on

Try different sizes to see which one is most suitable for your needs

How long does it take to change sex underwear?

The life of sexy underwear is based on the degree of their often wearing and cleaning.If you wear a sexy underwear after exercise, it is recommended to replace it frequently.

Suggestions for the replacement of sexy underwear:

Drain: When changing or sexy needs changes each year

Shaping underwear: When you change it once a year or start to deform

Lian pantyhose and panty pants: change once a month, or when the shreddedness and wear appear

How to choose the sexy underwear that suits you best

When buying sexy underwear, you can choose a style that suits you according to your needs and preferences.Here are some factors that need to be considered:






Maintenance of sexy underwear

Interest underwear has higher wear on ordinary clothes and needs more often cleaning and maintenance.Here are some techniques to maintain the appearance and life of sexy underwear:

Use a special sexy underwear washing agent to prevent the materials faded, deformed or damaged during the cleaning process

Avoid strong stretching or pull, especially when washing

Keep the sexy underwear dry, do not avoid the sun

Suggestions for buying underwear buying

When buying sexy underwear, please consider the following factors:

Size measurement

Style and comfort

Buyer comment

Natural materials and environmental protection principles

Psychological and physical need

Whether sexy underwear can be used alone or can be worn repeatedly

Most sexy underwear is designed to enhance sexual experience and can usually be worn many times.However, increasing washing and wear may shorten the life of sexy underwear.

General point of view

Pay attention to keeping fun underwear cleaning and choosing and maintaining them correctly.Consider comfort, style and economic value, and pay attention to psychological needs.If it is properly maintained, the sexy underwear can be duplicated.Remember, the appropriate sexy underwear can improve the sexual life experience, enhance self -confidence and comfort.

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