Will the hotel meet a sexy underwear?


If you often live in the hotel, it is not difficult to find that there are sometimes unexpected things in the hotel room.Although the hotel will do its best to ensure that the room is cleaned when cleaning up the room, sometimes it will encounter unexpected situations, such as sexy underwear.

Why is there a sexy underwear?

There are many possibilities of sexy underwear.First, they may be left by the previous tenant.Secondly, they may be the personal items of hotel guests, and they may not handle these items properly.

Hotel cleaning policy

The hotel will completely clean up the room after the guest leaves the store.This includes changing bedding, cleaning the ground, bathroom and living room.However, the hotel’s policy will vary depending on the grade of the hotel.Some higher -grade hotels may change bed supplies and clean rooms more frequently.

How do hotel employees handle sex underwear?

Hotel employees to handle sexy underwear are different due to the policy of hotels and employees.Some employees will put sexy underwear into a special bag and hand them over them to special cleaning companies.Other employees will throw them into the trash.

What is the reaction of employees?

Most hotel employees have seen these fun underwear countless times, so they are not surprised.They usually deal with these items in a calm way.However, for those who have not handled these items, they may feel at a loss.

How to avoid the appearance of sexy underwear?

One of the methods to avoid these situations is to encourage guests to properly handle their personal items before leaving the store.In addition, some high -end hotels provide laundry and dry cleaning services, which can help reduce the appearance of sexy underwear.

The impact of sexy underwear on hotels

Sex underwear does not have much impact on hotels.However, for guests, they may feel uncomfortable or embarrassed.Therefore, hotels should take measures to ensure that the room is completely cleaned before the next guests.

in conclusion

Although sexy underwear is not common in the hotel room, they are still a possible thing.Although the hotel will take measures when cleaning the room, these items will still appear.Hotels can take measures to reduce the emergence of these items and ensure the comfort and privacy of guests.

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