Women’s sexy underwear and props and props

Overview of women’s sexy underwear and props

Women’s sexy underwear and props are one of the indispensable elements in women’s sex.They have diverse types and different functions, which can help women achieve a more fulfilling and pleasant sex life.Next, we will introduce some different types of women’s sexy underwear and props, and introduce their functions and functions.

Erotic underwear

Sex underwear is a kind of underwear with the same appearance as ordinary underwear, but the material and style.Sexual emotional interest underwear can enhance women’s self -confidence, sexy, and charm.For women, sexy underwear is not only a piece of clothing, but also the embodiment of women’s confidence and charm.Women can choose different styles of sexy underwear according to their own shape, personality and needs, such as lace, perspective, stockings, and so on.

Jumping egg

Jumping eggs are small props that are usually used to stimulate women’s sensitive parts such as clitoris and G points.The shape of the jumping egg is similar to the car key, which can be carried at any time.Through electric vibration, jumping eggs can bring a very strong sense of stimulation to women.There are many types of jumping eggs, and you can choose a model that suits you.

Interesting women toys

Interest women’s toys include many different types of products, such as vibration rods, simulation penis, and so on.These toys have the function of irritating or simulation behavior, which can help women reach a stronger orgasm.These toys also have different shapes, materials and functions, and women can choose according to their needs and hobbies.

SM prop

SM props are a prop specially used in SM sex scenes.Including handcuffs, mask, mouth plug, whip, leather whip, etc.Using these props can bring some physical or psychological stimuli for women or both parties.The use of SM props should pay attention to safety. It is recommended to use discussions and understanding in advance and obtain the consent of both parties.

Simulation penis

Simulation penis is a very similar toy that looks very similar to real genitals.Through the optimization of simulation and materials, the simulation penis can bring users a very real sense of experience.It is very realistic in terms of length, width, thickness, soft and hardness, and surface simulation, so that women or both parties can be stimulated to the closest realistic behavior when they use it.

Massage stick

Massage stick is a prop that helps women relax and relieve fatigue.The vibration function of the massage stick can bring strong sexual stimuli, and it can also relieve the soreness and fatigue of the body.The types of massage sticks are diverse, and you can choose a model and function that suits you.

Falling underwear maintenance

Interest underwear is a relatively special underwear, and its material and style are strange.Therefore, you need to pay attention to the following points during maintenance: Do not use bleach; do not mix the sexy underwear with other clothing; it is best to wash it; do not place it in the sun.

Women’s sexy underwear and props buying

Women need to pay attention to the following points of the purchase of sexy lingerie and props: first choose high -quality, qualified products; secondly, pay attention to choosing a size and style suitable for your body; finally to buy products that are suitable for your needs.

Use women with sexy underwear and props for precautions

The use of women with sexy underwear and props includes two aspects: protecting herself and protecting others.Protect yourself that you need to comply with the instructions of use, pay attention to cleaning and hygiene; protect others’ consent of others, and ensure that it will not conflict with the right to life and property rights of others.


Women’s erotic underwear and props are one of the important elements in women’s sex.Appropriate use can bring a more fulfilling and pleasant sex life.However, pay attention to security and protect the rights and interests of others.I hope that women can enjoy true happiness and happiness when they use sexy underwear and props.

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