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The Yanzhaomen incident attracted the attention of sexy underwear

Beginning in 2019, the Yanzhaomen incident attracted the attention of the public’s privacy, and also attracted the attention of the sex underwear market.More and more women are looking for sexy underwear that can meet both sexy needs and protect privacy.The following will introduce several sexy underwear suitable for privacy.

Hire lace sexy underwear

Hut lace -lace underwear is an emerging sexy underwear in recent years. It can cover the chest and neck part to protect personal privacy.At the same time, its lace design can also increase the sexy temperament of women.Different colors and lace design can meet different needs.

Deep V sexy underwear

Deep V sex underwear is a underwear that makes women fuller and upright, and it is also suitable for protecting privacy.Its design is a deep V exposed line, which plays a sexy role, but it can also protect the areolas from being seen by the outside world, and play a effect of protecting privacy.After adjusting the length of the strap, the female chest shape can also be more plump and upright.

Net yarn perspective sexy shirt

The mesh see -through sexy underwear is a good choice. It can display the beautiful curve of the female body without losing the effect of protecting privacy under too exposed.Select a soft texture of the mesh, comfortable to wear, and at the same time to keep the skin breathable and dry.

High -contest

If you want to wear sexy underwear and worry about leaking privacy, then high -concentration underwear can be a good choice.The high -necked part can cover the gap above the chest, allowing women to exude a sense of mystery and protect privacy.At the same time, high -Interest underwear itself has a pocket, which can be put in the anti -dewarters of the magic sticker to make it more comfortable to wear.

Chest sticker sexy underwear

The chest -style sexy underwear is a very thin and light underwear. It only covers the areola parts, and the rest is not designed.It protects privacy, but it can make women look sexy.It is most suitable in summer, can wear light and comfortable, and can also leave the shoulders without marks.

Tape -type sexy underwear

Tape -type erotic underwear is a simple and practical underwear. It can close the skin, just like supporting its second layer of skin.It does not have its own shoulder straps and belt bands, and it is worn through one -side glue.Although it looks simple, it has a good effect to wear, which not only protects privacy, but also shows the sexy of women.

Underwear and skirt matching

Sometimes, we may feel too exposed to sexy underwear, or the accessories of accessories are unnatural.At this time, you can consider matching a suitable skirt.For example, a translucent long skirt can be displayed to some extent, but it will not be exposed too much.For the color matching of wearing, it is recommended to choose similar or the same color style, which is more harmonious and natural.

Choice of cotton sexy underwear

For sensitive skin, the choice of cotton sexy underwear is very important.Cotton erotic underwear is not only soft and comfortable, but also reduces the stimulation of the skin. At the same time, cotton underwear can also maintain breathability and dryness, reducing the dominance of foreign matter to the skin.However, it should be remembered that when choosing cotton and sexy underwear, don’t just value this function, but also need to value whether its color matching and style design are suitable for you.

The quality of sex underwear

When choosing sexy underwear, quality is crucial.There are many sex underwear brands, and the design, materials, technology and cost -effectiveness of different brands are different.It is recommended to choose a sexy underwear brand with high brand awareness and good reputation, which can ensure higher quality and more satisfactory use effect.

in conclusion

As more and more women pay attention to personal privacy protection, the sexy underwear market has also developed.Suitable erotic underwear can not only meet the sexy needs of women, but also effectively protect personal privacy.When choosing sexy underwear, you need to consider many factors, including your own preferences, skin conditions, styles and brands.The final choice often depends on the comfort and personal taste of women when wearing, rather than blindly pursuing sexy effects.

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