2012 Guangzhou Sex Underwear Exhibition

1. Overview of the conference

The 2012 Guangzhou Foch Underwear Exhibition was held at the Guangzhou International Procurement Center from June 28th to 30th.This exhibition was co -sponsored by the International Procurement Center and the Info Hyewee Association, attracting nearly 500 sexy underwear manufacturers in 46 countries and regions around the world to participate in the exhibition.

2. Exhibition introduction

At the exhibition, the manufacturers showed the latest sexy lingerie styles and accessories.In addition to the traditional sexy styles, there are some more alternative designs, such as underwear and fun clothes that can be worn before and after.

3. Fabrics and materials

In addition to design, fabrics and materials are also hot topics at the exhibition.Many manufacturers use high -quality silk, lace and knitted fabrics to make underwear more comfortable.

4. Technology elements

Some manufacturers have also added technology elements to underwear, such as nano -antibacterial technology and firming slimming function, making underwear more practical.

5. Production and environmental protection

At the exhibition, some manufacturers also promoted their concepts of environmental protection.They said they would use environmentally friendly materials and processes as much as possible to reduce pollution to the environment.

6. Market trend

The exhibition has also become a vane of the trend of sex underwear market.Judging from the products and audience reactions at the exhibition, the current market is more inclined to comfortable, fit the figure, and pay attention to the combination of sexy and practicality.

7. Female consumer crowd

According to the exhibition survey data, female consumers are the main population of the sex underwear market.They pay more attention to the comfort and quality of underwear, and sexy is just the second consideration.

8. Import and domestic products

At the exhibition, the sexy underwear brands at home and abroad were exhibited together.Some imported brands have attracted much attention due to the advantages of price, quality and design, and some domestic brands are also trying to improve product design and quality.

9. Commercial negotiation

During the exhibition, many domestic and foreign buyers attended the scene to find suitable sexy underwear suppliers and conducted trade negotiations.I believe these confession promotes the development of the sexy underwear market.

10. Revelation of the exhibition

From this sex underwear exhibition, it can be seen that the sexy underwear market has become a market with great potential.With the improvement of living standards and people’s requirements for quality of life, the development prospects of the sex underwear market are still broad.

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