2012 Wonderful Lingerie Picture

2012 Wonderful Lingerie Picture

1 Introduction

Sex underwear is a special underwear. They are usually more sexy and attractive than traditional underwear, and can bring a more exciting experience to the wearer.In 2012, sexy underwear designers launched a lot of new styles and styles. Here are some pictures of sexy underwear.

2. Classic style

In 2012, sexy underwear brands rarely launched completely unique styles. Most brands pay more attention to combining classic styles with traditional elements with trendy design.For example, the combination of rabbit girl clothes, black lace and transparent tulle, camisole vest and small tulle skirt are all popular styles of the year.

3. Foreign erotic sheets

In 2012, foreign sex lingerie also began to be sought after in the domestic market.European and American sexy underwear has caused a trend in China with its charm texture and tailoring.These underwear styles include hip skirts, picking, lace, patterns, etc.These styles appear on the stage with novel and unique design and a variety of colors and materials.

4. Transparent and seductive

Transparent materials are very popular elements of sexy underwear designers.In 2012, many sexy underwear used transparent materials to enhance sexy realism and women’s charm.These transparent materials include silk, lace cloth, film and so on.

5. Stockings series

As a special style of sexy underwear, the stockings series quickly became a popular trend in 2012.These stockings have high artistic and fine details, including patterns, transparency, fake nets, various colors, and so on.

6. Exquisite corset

The corset is one of the most representative and iconic styles in the fun underwear.In 2012, the corset is still a very popular style in the field of sexy underwear.These exquisite corsets are composed of various materials and elements, including lace, sequins, feathers and beads.

7. Uniform temptation

Uniforms are a widely used element of sexy underwear designers. This underwear style can well express women’s childishness and cuteness, creating a unique and desire situation.In 2012, the fun underwear brands also launched many uniform series underwear, such as maid clothes, nurses, and so on.

8. Sexy beauty

Sexy beauty is another popular style of sexy underwear in 2012. This style focuses on the sexy temptation of women.There are many simple and smooth design elements in these styles.Common materials such as fur, asymmetric color, tube tops, etc. can be used in these sexy beauty lingerie styles.

9. Simple style

In the field of fun underwear in 2012, simple elements have also become one of the trends that major brands and designers are enthusiastic.These underwear styles use comfortable, elastic materials, with simple, bright design, and elegant colors, so this simple -style sexy lingerie style is also very attractive.

10. Conclusion

In 2012, sex underwear brands launched many new styles and styles, and many of the classic styles and traditional elements are worthy of everyone’s attention and taste.These underwear styles not only provide various choices for fashion enthusiasts, but also greatly promote the promotion and popularity of sexy underwear culture.

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