2020 The sexy linger shop is closed

The number of sexy underwear shops decreases

In recent years, the number of sexy lingerie stores has gradually decreased, especially affected by the new crown epidemic in 2020. Many sexy library shops have closed, and sales have also decreased significantly.The transformation and upgrading of this industry is imminent.

Online sales channels gradually mature

With the popularization of the Internet and mobile Internet technology, sexy underwear stores have begun to turn to online sales.Many brands have opened their own official online stores and social e -commerce platforms to increase sales with the help of online store traffic.

Brand marketing needs innovation

In fierce market competition, brand marketing needs innovation.Some brands have tried to cooperate with celebrities to launch a joint series; some brands create original fun underwear works, enhance brand reputation, and achieve differentiated competition.

Product design is becoming more and more personalized

The product design of sexy underwear is becoming more and more personalized. It is no longer limited to basic styles, but pays attention to details and creativity.The combination of multiple materials, complex tailoring and texture design have brought more fashion elements to sexy underwear.

Comfort and practicality have become the focus of consumer considerations

Some brands have begun to pay attention to the comfort and practicality of sexy underwear, emphasizing the texture of the material, the comfort of wearing, and the practicality of sexual activities, rather than simply pursuing passion and sexy.

Increase store service experience

In order to attract consumers to buy in the store, sexy underwear stores began to add various service experiences, such as private customization, trial -through service, theme party, etc.This method can enhance the consumption experience of customers and promote in -store sales.

Scientific and technological innovation brings a new sales model

With the rapid development of technology, the sexy underwear industry is also actively innovating.For example, with the help of VR technology, consumers can try sexy underwear at home, which helps increase the transformation rate of online sales.

Industry standards urgently need to be regulated

At present, the fun underwear industry standards are still incomplete, and there are problems such as counterfeit and inferiority, low -cost competition.In addition, some consumers have doubts about the sanitation of sexy underwear.The industry needs to strengthen self -discipline and norms, increase consumer trust and purchase desire.

Internet model impacts traditional stores

The rise and development of the Internet model has impacted the operating method of traditional sexy underwear stores.Some consumers are more inclined to online shopping, and the demand for offline physical stores is reduced.Fun underwear stores need to actively transform and embrace the Internet era.

Discover new sales channels

In order to cope with the changes in the market and the intensification of competition, sexy underwear stores need to discover new sales channels, such as WeChat Mini Program, short video, live broadcast and goods, etc., expanding the brand’s exposure and sales channels.


Overall, the sexy underwear industry needs to face reality problems, actively transform and innovate.The standards of industry standards, the improvement of consumer experience, and the differentiated competition of brands need to be improved.At the same time, the sexy underwear industry also needs to discover new sales models and channels, and embrace the Internet era in order to be invincible in market competition.

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